Day and night time

In my humble opinion, day and night time should be longer then normal like at least 1 hour for a full day just so you have time for example to do a night raid, sometimes, 20 mins isnt enough… What do you think?

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  1. The day/night cycle must be very realistic.
  2. Day and night must last at least 30+ minutes. (this option must be editable as well)
  3. making Day/night ambient sounds must be compulsory (in Unturned 3.0 you can turn them off), this will add more atmosphere to Unturned II.

life is short, i aint waiting an hour for day time


I think an hour is too long, twenty minutes too short. Half an hour is a reasonable compromise.


but not that much


An hour, maybe too long, now it would be quite interesting if there was a way to change the server settings, or the map maker (the ability to increase or decrease the hours of a day). If there were no such option, I believe that the time that is already is sufficient.


The problem with night is that unless there’s a purpose for it (ex: special loot only spawns at night or something), having a long night cycle just inconveniences the player. Nobody wants to run around in the dark with no light.


YES YES YES!!! i want the sun in my unturned world to be in the exact position as it is outside my window because i just LOVE realism :smiley: ! it would also add so much to the gameplay but i will just say this and not elaborate further on my point !


The day/night time should be 30 min max 1 hour it’s way too long

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I think day and night cycle should be set by the players with a command or in the settings. It would certainly make things interesting.


I mean, project zomboid has these as options, you can have both 15 minute day/night or 6 hour day/night, seems the most reasonable thing is to make it an option


I do. Assuming that a majority of players don’t have some sort of nightvision, being in the dark allows me to hide better and avoid people who know nothing other than KOS.

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Something Dying Light does is that they have less zombies at night (but also stronger ones specific to night), and then you gain double experience for every action done while outside during the night. There’s also some (technically) night-specific rewards.

It’d be interesting to see suggestions that make night more worthwhile, to coincide with the suggestions to make it harder (e.g., full moons, blood moons).


my mom said that you shouldn’t read in the dark or it will hurt your eyes???