Deadzones and other immunity related ideas

Various ideas relating to immunity

Diseases - Horrible than death

Eating poor quality food at below 50% has a chance to lead to:

  • Diarrhea - Increases rate of water loss by 50% (No, you won’t leave a puddle of crap overtime)
  • Food Poisoning - Increases rate of food loss by 50%

While bleeding, you have a chance to get:

  • Flu - Increases energy consumption and decreases energy renegeration by 50%
  • Z-Virus - Permanent overtime immunity loss per 10 seconds. Can only be obtained by getting hit by a zombie, can only be removed by Vaccine

The chances of contracting diseases increases the lower your immunity. Default chance is 1%, every 4% immunity lost adds 1% to the chance up to 25% (But you’ll be dead anyway).


One death circle isn’t enough, there could be multiple variations. Adds 2 new ‘Deadzones’, one which is pretty weak and the other being air-based. The original deadzone is now strict with what equipment you need.

Category 1 - Quarantine Zone

  • A slightly noticeable contaminated area. Lose 1 immunity per 5 seconds
  • Requires a mouth-covering mask or better

Category 2 - Toxic Zone

  • Toxic mist clouds the surroundings. You’re forced to hold your breath
  • Oxygen is lost, but stops at 10%. After that, lose 10 immunity per second
  • Requires a gas mask or hazmat helmet with active filter. Snorkel w/ Oxygen Tank is an alternative
  • Zombies gain ‘Bloated’ trait (Explode on death, dealing small area damage to surroundings)

Category 3 - Dead Zone

  • Highly irradiated area. When unprotected, lose 5 immunity per second.
  • Requires full hazmat set (With active filter?)
  • Zombies gain ‘Irradiated’ trait (Increased immunity damage on hit)

Counter measures against immunity loss

These equipment can be useful when entering these zones.

  • Bandana - Variable coloured cloth for your neck and mouth to stop immunity loss in the Quarantine zone. In the Toxic zone, it reduces immunity loss by 50%
  • Makeshift Bandana - Crafted with cloth. It’s simply a plain bandana, but like the above it can help prevent you from breathing the contaminated air in the Quarantine zone and a little bit in the Toxic zone
  • Gas Mask - An air filtering mask which stops immunity loss in the Quarantine/Toxic zone. Requires active filters to work.
  • Makeshift Gas Mask - Crafted using various crafting materials with some skill. A crude air filter which lasts 50% less than the actual mask. Useful if the trip is pretty short. Makeshift Filters are made with cans and other bits.
  • Snorkel w/ Oxygen Tank - An alternative to gas mask where oxygen is used. Duration is similar to filter, but you cannot replace it (And I’m pretty sure you cannot carry another oxygen tank because you sacrificed the backpack slot and it’s very heavy).
  • Hazmat set - The ultimate solution to travelling in any zone. Requires the full set to enter deadzones (Hazmat Suit and Hazmat Helmet), but the helmet is only needed for weaker zones.

But I’m too poor, what should I do?

Don’t worry, some rare loot can be found all over the place to help your immunity.

The following either replenishes immunity overtime, adds resists or both. All can be found in pharmacies except Vaccine. Some can be found in civilian homes

  • Vaccine - Labs only (Scorpion-7?). +25 immunity, +50% immunity loss resist. Removes Z-Virus
  • Antibiotics - Medical places only. +20 immunity, +25% immunity loss resist
  • Tablets - Medical places only. +15 immunity
  • Vitamins - Found in homes. +8 immunity, +10% immunity loss resist
  • Cough Syrup - Found in homes. +5 immunity

Resists affect all forms of immunity damage such as zombie hits, bad food and deadzones. Always lasts 2 mins. Resist and duration cannot stack, where better resists replaces current inferior effect and each effect has an individual timer (So they count down all at once when in play).


Oh no, not Diarrhea again!

Jokes aside, I always felt like Unturned needed a more in-depth health system, like Rimworld. Pretty nice, +1


Might add more with diseases but just want to see some responses

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Having zombies cause a condition that can only be cured by vaccines, which can only (occasionally) be found at labs sounds like a major pain in the ass.

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A condition where it occurs 1-25% of the time by any zombie hit while bleeding, which is caused by a high damage source (e.g. Megas, explosions, guns, traps, bladed melee)

I’m sure you’ll be alright :wink:

(Maybe make it 24 mins so people won’t screw over when they somehow got infected…)

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-3 Ate without table

In all seriousness though, at bare minimum I would like to see something reminiscent of EFT or Rimworld. Wounding of legs and arms individually, metabolism debuffs, etc.


What about craftable filters made of charcoal?

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How are you going to add diarrhea and not include crapping everywhere? I require a brown stain in your pants at the very least!

Jokes aside, these new diseases and dead zones look really nice. You’ll have to consider whether eating moldy food and potentially getting a disease is worth it or not. And with the air-based deadzones it allows for diving gear to be used, which is really interesting. These would definitely add a lot to the survival and PVE experience.


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Please no Z-Virus! Other games that have some sort of biting mechanic just make the game more rage quitty. Especially if the only way to cure it is with a vaccine, (which is presumably rare.)

Agreed, it’s annoying.

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