Death & Reputation | In-Depth Thread

Reputation, has always been done poorly.
We all know this. However, the reason why in my opinion is because theres not much to work with.
Its time to change that.

Death & Reputation in 4.x

How to make things just flat out better overall.

Due to 3.x’s simplicity in gameplay, it is hard to find a way to make reputation work better (Not properly… just better.). With 4.x on the horizon there is a big opportunity to bring great changes that can enhance the gameplay, it does not need to be overly complicated either.

Here are some things that are required in order to make this happen.

Death's Bed

A stage of dying before death. A moment where critical decisions are to be made.


@The_Amazing_fish I’m sorry but we’re using Bob for this.

Death’s Bed is a mechanic that acts like a downed phase for players. The things this could allow are:

  • Apprehending (Handcuffs, Cable Ties)
  • Transporting
    (Pick up the downed player, whomever picks up the player will be restricted from using any weapons)
  • Looting (Loot the player while they’re downed)
  • Baiting (Bait other teammates by keeping this person alive)
  • Revival (Reviving allies that are about to die)

What are the requirements for Death's Bed?

Death’s Bed occurs when the player sustains damage past their health.

In this phase the player will have 100HP of pseudo health.
Gunning the player while they’re down will kill them if damage exceeds 100.
The player stays in this phase for 30 seconds, afterwards they die.

Specific items other than a Defibrillator is used on the downed player to increase the downed phase back to 30 seconds. These items include:

  • Medkits, Suture Kits, Bloodbags (Restore downed time back to 30)
  • Dressings (Restore downed time by 15)

Exceptions that will bypass Death’s Bed are as follows:

  • Bolt-Action shots to the head (Make bolt-action rifles and snipers more rewarding)
  • Player has been recently revived
    (If the player has been revived within the last 5 minutes, the player will die immediately)


By implementing Death’s Bed into the game, there are more possibilities for Reputation to be a little more accurate as there will be alternatives towards handling hostile players. Here are some new scenarios you will come across.


Inflicting Death’s Bed
Inflicting death’s bed onto another player will not decrease your reputation, however from here will decide where your reputation goes.

Killing a player
“I’m a psychopath.” is what this says. The amount of reputation you lose will always be -50.

Letting a player bleed-out
If you have inflicted Death’s Bed onto a player, you are now responsible for what comes next. Depending on who shot first will dictate what reputation is recieved. Depending on how much reputation that person is worth is the amount gained/lost.
Max value of gained/lost reputation is 25.

Reviving a Player
Doing this proves that you are a somewhat humane individual, often coupled with capturing but still. No matter the purpose will change your reputation as follows.

  • If the saviour’s reputation is more than or equal to -150 then +25 reputation will be gained.
  • If the saviour’s reputation is less than -150 (Bandit status and beyond) then the New Leaf Mechanic will kick in. Reverting the saviour’s reputation back to -150

Important Notes

  • Teammates cannot be farmed off of, no reputation will be gained from grouped allies
  • I am aware that this system is not perfect. There will always be people who try to manipulate their reputations just like in real-life.

Thanks for reading, as usual keep the replies constructive (Unless its about Bob in this case)
and I hope you all enjoyed!


I wish I could smile like Bob, even on death’s bed he was happy.


Need to make a quick edit, forgot an entire section I needed to mention



Bob is an angel.
The hero the world needed, but not the one it deserved.

I guess you could swiftly kill yourself with a snap of the neck.

Seeing someone awkwardly hold their throat for 10 seconds seems weird, and kind of comical with Bob’s little smile.


this is well thought out, i like it

Love the illustrations!

Mhm I find this as an interesting idea, but mainly for arena or alternate game modes instead of PvP in vanilla survival. I’ll write more on this later, but I’d personally recommend making Death’s Bed 15 seconds of 25 to 50 health that slowly drains, just because if they’re already shot a few times, it shouldn’t take around double the bullets to finish them off.

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So basically add the “Wounded” stage from Rust to 4.0 with some adjustments, along with making suicide more detailed and horrifying. Great!
(Side note, I don’t think suicide should have an animation. Sure it’s realistic, but its a bit grim for a “light hearted” game like Unturned.)


Better drawing skills then me.

I don’t think it’s possible to strangle yourself.
Just like how it’s impossible to tickle yourself, because your brain reacts to it and makes you stop.

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It’s not possible to die in real life from trying to strangle yourself. You might pass out from lack of oxygen in your brain, but you won’t die.

You should die by overdose or a gun shot, that’s all

The main reason why I want suicide to have an animation is for vanilla survival scenarios.
Whenever you try to capture people they’ll just suicide, and that sucks.
It’ll inspire a kind of suicide-watch for prisoners of war if you will.

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I agree with Animatic’s view on suicide animating. Shooting yourself or self-strangulation is a bit too dark a theme for most games, no matter how realistic or survival-ish they try to be. Couple that with the fact that there’s going to be a fair amount of children playing too and that’s a recipe for a ratings increase or Nelson getting hate.

We could take battleblock’s approach to suicide and have players comically explode.

The player will attempt to hold their breath/strangle themselves.

what? at best you’d get brain damage from trying to strangle yourself without something to keep suffocating you when you pass out

I’m fine with suicide by gun in a game as a reset/suicide mechanic, but strangulation seems a bit much. I’d rather people actually try and get loot regardless of where they spawn, unlike the infinite suicide cycle in v.3 currently.

I know another game does this. Probably DayZ? :man_shrugging: I’m personally not too concerned with what other games actually do it, but look that up if you want.

I was excited to see an “all-out” suggestion post get to defibrillators again before I ended up doing it, but this is a bit off from what I was thinking. As seen in other posts regarding defibrillators and “being down,” opinions can split both ways.

One thing I know was an off-on concern was being able to suicide while downed/handcuffed, or the lack of being able to when dragged around. I also know people were concerned with defibrillators removing the risk of death from the game.

Personally, I think that medicine shouldn’t reset timers on being downed. A sense of urgency would be nice, for sure. Plus, it prevents people from just spamming medicine on people so consistently that they can’t even play the game again.

Defibrillators would be that one “random” item related to being downed, and as such still hated for interrupting it’s mechanics, but I think it should just be a quicker revive without having to stand there over their shoulder for a solid x seconds. It could even be instant after the animation finishes, really. Unlike some other suggestions about defibrillators though, I don’t think they should ever revive an actual corpse, just downed people.

EDIT: I do realize you put a one minute cap on strangulation, but still. Not really feeling it for all sorts of reasons. :man_shrugging:


You get the point though.
The purpose is to try and show suicide is taking place and let players prevent it with captives.

I need help refining this a bit more if you feel like helping.

EDIT: @MoltonMontro Do you have any ideas what we could do instead of the minute cap?

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