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Defibrillation is a planned 4.x feature that made its way onto the Trello Wishlist. In this thread I hope we can elaborate on how exactly it should function. I shall kick off this thread by giving my opinion of how this should work when implemented into the game. I look foward to see what your take on this is so please feel free to reply your thoughts.

The Item
Lets start with the item itself. The Defibrillator will be found in medical areas (IE Medical Tents and Hospitals) and will be an Epic Item.
A pristine condition Defibrillator will have 10 uses, each use of the item on a downed player reducing its durability by 10%.

The purpose of a Defibrillator in the game will be to revive downed players, adding a whole new aspect to the game that we have not seen before. When reviving a player you will not always be successful unless you have Revival fully skilled, a new skill I propose for the Doctor’s Skill Tree.

Revival will take 10 Seconds to perform.

If a downed player is not revived within 2 minutes, they will die.

When a player is successfully revived, the player is brought back with 10 Health.

How this ties in with the Doctor Skillset
The functionally and effectiveness of the Defibrillator will depend on who uses it, however still usable if you are not skilled in Revival. My pitch for the Revival skill is as follows.

When used at Level 0
40% Chance of Success

When used at Level 1
60% Chance of Success / +100% Health Gained / +10% Revival Speed

When used at Level 2
80% Chance of Success / +200% Health Gained / +20% Revival Speed

When used at Level 3 (Max)
100% Chance of Success / +300% Health Gained / +30% Revival Speed

How will this effect the game?

I am hoping that the introduction of the Defibrillator will inspire some new supportive gameplay in both PvE and in PVP (Given you are fighting with a group).
In my personal opinion I believe this will change the Doctor into a must have for any group.


To add onto whether a player can be revived or not, downed group members should have a defibrillator icon above their body, similar to Battlefield 1’s. To prevent any weird things happening with spawning and coming back to life, defibrillators should only work when the player being revived is still on the death screen.

The option to revive could be limited to certain causes of death.

  • You can revive a player who died from weapons, contraptions, bleeding, explosions, zombies, vehicles or falling (Would be funny)
  • You cannot revive a player who died from hunger, thirst, sickness, suicide, suffocation, weapon headshot, or any damage that exceeds 50 damage after 0 (Means that direct hit explosions would kill one)

Also slightly tone down the revival bonus chance per level, cause the bonus jump between levels are uneven and slightly not balanced. Either:

  • 55% chance by default and increases by 15% per level
  • 40% chance by default and increases by 20% per level
  • 25% chance by default and increases by 25% per level

A clearly well thought out and original concept. Great job!

Thank you for your input @Yarrrr
I agree with all of your points except for the headshots, the bonuses you provided that I would choose would be the 40% chance at default and 20% per level.

I shall edit the post now to those values

It isn’t necessarily planned to be added, it is just a wishlist.

I pretty much disagree with being able to revive players in general. Think of /teleport where a group of player cannot be killed because at least one is always alive to accept /tpa requests from all other players in that one group, Except milder but in vanilla.


Well yeah, though this guy is just trying to give ideas about it if it is getting added.

I get and respect that, I’m just pointing out his fallacy.

I feel like this would work if done right, combining the ideas on the OP and what Yarrrr said would most likely make it not too overpowered and not too underpowered but right in the middle.

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Hey maybe this fits in a skills tree!


Again, try not to advertise your own post on other posts. Not to mention you necroed this post just to advertise your skill tree post.


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