Devkit Editor map

Hello guys, i want to know how can i use the devkit editor, because the news volumes in the normal editor is trash, i cant put the landscapes holes…

Last year, the two editors were merged together into a single map editor. A majority of the useful tools from the devkit are available in this editor, along with all of the things the devkit wasn’t able to do. You can create volumes (and paint terrain holes) in this editor.

Landscape hole volumes are deprecated – you shouldn’t/can’t use them. Holes should instead be painted with the terrain tools. Terrain > Materials > Cut [R]

oh ok thanks, and i have another question

and why i see the water like this ? when i was inside

i also have this, if the problem could be here, i really dont know

why even show them in the volume tab then.

but i need put water in the map, or is there other way to do ?

also how can i move the this more slowly

You’re probably underwater. If you move your camera up and out of the water, you should see normally.

Roll the scroll wheel on your mouse down.

nop, its inside of the water, literally i cant see anything

And i mean when u gonna move a object, i dont know, like a house, a bridge, a road. I cant move them slowly u know

If you’re underwater and you’re not near anything (e.g., the sea floor or other terrain, objects, etc.) the only thing you’re going to see is the water / air bubbles.

You could use the snap tools. Set the snap value in the bottom-left, and then use the snap tool by holding [Ctrl] while moving/rotating the object. E.g., you could set Snap Translation to a small number if you wanted to move the object very precisely.

If you don’t want to use the snap feature, note that the movement tools follow your cursor. If you move your mouse slower (or faster), then object will also move slower (or faster).

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also how can i remove water

like, if i want remove water there, how can i do ?

If it hasn’t been placed as a Water volume, then it’s likely the default water. You can add "Use_Legacy_Water": false, to the map’s Config.json file to remove all of the default water. Then, you can re-add water manually with the water volume.

For example, the Config.json file would look like this, if you don’t already have one:

	"Use_Legacy_Water": false

yep i know that, but there is a problem, and you cant put more of 4 volumes water, because the rest volumes water that u put, u gonna see like this
how i told u before, i cant see through the water, when i go inside cant see the floor o the near objects that i have

like this, you see the floor

Are your water volumes on top of each other? Ideally, they shouldn’t be overlapping.

nop they are in same high

If you upload your map to the Steam Workshop, I can (or someone else) take a look at it when I have a moment to do so.

there are also the mods (assets)

I tried to take a look at this today, but I think you’ve taken the mod down sometime between the weekend and today. As such, I am not able to look at this right now.

Oh yes, because im making a server right now so XD sometimes i remove the map in the workshop