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Relatively small, but something nevertheless! :slight_smile:


He’s aliiiiiiive!

Joking aside, I’m always happy to see what you’re working on, no matter how small. And I’m sure quite a few people here share the same sentiments!




Yes it’s been a while :slight_smile:


Oh boi…




I’m surprised there isn’t rioting in the streets over this


Though I have a doubt, since TBH IDK how Trello works: do I have to register to see the full info, comment or anything?

Not necessarily. You can only do so much as the owner of the board gives you access to, otherwise you can only view the cards and the Trello Board itself.

I’m really liking that “Turned” card. It kind of gives Unturned a bit of that darker feel that I felt it was missing since 3.x.


Yeah. I really like this snippet:

“Realism for the sake of realism is bad. For example organ-specific damage: nobody is intentionally aiming for your lungs, so it comes down to random bad luck that you suddenly can’t breath.


This all the way. Yet, at the same time, people should keep in mind that just because “realism for the sake of realism is bad”, does not mean unrealistic ideas (to an extent) are good, either.


Excellent, we can now finally see some of the stuff floating around for UII.

It’s going to be interesting to see how modding plays out right out of the box as well, considering most of Unturned’s community is somewhat familiar with mods.

This new roadmap can lay the groundwork for some rather well-coordinated developer-community relations.

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Bandit npcs, oh wow.


I want to piggyback off the “Turned” card you mention and just say that this is probably one of the biggest changes to the game when it comes to how people visualize the name “Unturned.” It’s a lot less “Zombies” now, and just straight-up death.


I love you.


What about creating maps?

I rather disagree with the sentiment that “realism for the sake of realism is bad.” Verdun is a game based around realism for the sake of realism, and isn’t an inherently bad game. I’d be fine with saying “realism for the sake of realism isn’t necessary,” but I cannot fathom how it is inherently bad.

The main part that I was interested in was in bold. I left the rest for context.

Adding a mechanic that ends up serving no purpose to the player besides to “randomly” and “unfairly” punish them for existing is, in most games, not that beneficial.

There are some games that want to achieve reality in its hardcore totality, and good on them if that’s the way they want to go! Regardless, a game that is dedicated to being about realism is adding those features for a reason, as they’re part of the core game philosophy, and the developers’ image for the game.

I’m not interested in Nelson’s choice of words regarding his views on “realism for the sake of realism” though, just the food for thought that comes at the end.

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Looking at that Skills card, I’m really happy that Nelson seems to be going for a “train yourself stronger” rather than a “look I get points doing unrelated and menial tasks”. I think it will be really beneficial to maintaining skills without using a skillpoint system which can be very meaningless based on how that “skill” was earned. Gives the player a bigger sense of accomplishment to run 20km and finally max out that Endurance skill (exaggeration for example, of course).


I like the player trading, turned and battleye cards :)). Already sounds like a great game.