Devlog #015




Nelson must have seen MoltonMontro’s interview.


Tokyo Drift time? skKRRRR




also wa t

“Probably should get the animations and clothes working on the new character again hmm…”


Reposted from the vehicle youtube video:

This looks very cool, some feedback:

  1. The color of the vehicle looks very bright, and not all that metallic (to be honest it reminds me of roblox). Maybe the color would look better desaturated a bit, and maybe some other shades on other parts of the vehicle? Just some thoughts.
  2. Not actually something about the vehicle, but the gras looks a bit too saturated, I know this is early and will 100% still change but I thought I’d just mention it :wink:
  3. I heard you say that you are gonna make more engine sound samples, so this point is probably dumb, but the sounds when you accelerate is just the engine sound being “pitched up” (Also reminds me of roblox sorry :)). The engine sound also sounds more like a motorcycle / truck than an actual car.

Now for some good feedback: The wheels look stunning, as well as the lights (both tail and head). I also really like the option of signalling, really adds some more variation to the vehicles.

I really think you are on your way to making an amazing game, and really keep it on your own pace, ignore all those people saying “quit unturned 3.0 and work on II” or “Bring a beta out next week”. As every somewhat smart guy says, preferably an amazing game after a long time than a half-finished game made in a short time. Keep up the amazing work!


Will there be actual glass windows and rear mirrors though?

Other than that… Well… yes.


I like how the thirdperson is the middle. I am a bit sad though, because throughout the video it looked like you were going to jump it, but you didnt :frowning: /s


What i’m gonna say is strange, i dreamed this today, in my dream i see animations when you enter in vehicles, so, what happend, IS TRUE.


I like the vehicle mechanics, tough I the character looks very very very thin… might just be me…
Also I guess the vehicle models will be improved later?


i think it looks really amazing considering that its not even done yet, the animations so far look so good

Keep it up man and yes it would be awsome with weekly devlogs


The vehicles are looking nice! Very glad Nelson shared!


Now, I can see everyone here has great responses and feedback to this devlog, but there’s one gigantic, pervasive issue that nearly ruins the whole devblog- nelson never drove the car off the ramp.

come on nelson you can do better than this


All I want for Christmas is realistic vehicle collision effects

@pondfisher hi daddy i see you replying


sounds cool.
can’t imagine a heli’s sound


I’d imagine it would be like a helicopter tbh



yeah, right. i hope it will not be a headphone kille- what am i even talking about


Driving down some road in Unturned II when a car emerges from behind me in hot pursuit. They begin opening fire on me from behind, so I take the nearest left.

But I gotta make sure they know where I’m going, so like every safe driver I use that turn signal.

In all seriousness, I love the attention to detail. Little things like the leg shifting from each pedal, the arm on the backseat, and the backlights being dimly lit with the front lights are great.

With that being said, that specific blue does seem like an odd color (for that car at least), and the guy seems a bit lanky.

Other than that, things are looking great, keep it up.


Me too i dream abouy that, for be more true,i dream about unturned evey night


Yes, It all looks great. From the animations to the physics to the roleplay elements, it’s all great. Keep it up!


@SDGNelson what you mean by report cars, uae there license plate