Devlog #016

I said I would get one out this week, so here it is at the last minute! :slight_smile:


It’s finally HERE!


Welcome to Yukon bois.
The snow looks so nice, especially with the tire tracks.


Well done on everything


Some submarines do have windows, but it really depends on what types you’re considering.


Be interesting to make some sort of filtered vehicles which filter out gases or toxins in the air while the vehicle is sealed

first of all, this devlog was fucking amazing but just some suggestion is turn on FXAA to make the game look less ridigy if u know what i mean

Another thing is that with the windows, they can be shot out but they can be replaced with other windows (normal, one way, bulletproof). As u make it, put it up to the window frame of the car, it would lock on, forming the window’s shape then being able to be placed.

Very much interested in the weather systems & how they affect will affect survival! Love all the small stuff too, all around great devlog!

Amazing, nice job Nelson

The character looks creepy. I think you should go for a realistic mid to low poly character and call the game “the turned”

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still not as cold as Calgary though, I felt that all the way from Vancouver

Solid job!

I’m likely going to find some critique later on (though I do have some things in min for future improvements), but all of this looks super cool. Can’t wait for people to start going full eurobeat drift mode with all the new vehicle mechanics.

I actually found it kinda funny that you were at times forgetting the sheer magnitude of additions you made since the last devlog, having to read off of notes, but honestly that just makes it even more wholesome and relatable. The devlogs feel super casual and down to earth, and I like it.



Definitely good stuff here. Can’t wait to see what this could look like with other vehicles (things with tank steering, additional functions like crane arms/plows/turrets, etc).


Very Niiiice!

the character model looks a bit weird
i mean i know it’s naked and stuff but it still looks kinda strange

Eargasm when I heard the drifting on snow
Eyegasm when I saw the car drifting
Nerdgasm when I saw that you have interactable doors on vehicles


Our god has delivered!

But really though, this is getting me more hyped than I already was. Everything looks amazing and the dev blogs are getting better and better. I think I can speak for everyone when I say you’re doing an amazing job and you should keep taking your time with this and making it great in your own way. Never forget to take breaks and keep doing what you do best Nelson. Thank you so much for this!

(Also wow, the way Nelson speaks and everything he does is so wholesome, we have been blessed!)


Maybe adding a movement of the camera when you crash can be a good idea. (At least for me is a good idea)

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I liked it very much when I saw the detail that the car leaves in the snow when passing I was afraid of the optimization however I remembered that it is 99% chance that the graphics of this devlog are at the maximum considered that one of the intentions is to show all the evolution of how the car interacts with the environment and for this you need to see every possible detail so it’s smart to leave everything good epic.

now this is the kinda shit i like to see after a day of ass

You know what? I’m not even gonna ask.