Devlog #018

Staff edit: Not a lot of people clicked the link, so I just want to transcribe its text here.

Scripted video with narration by popular request. Good format?
Engine update for 3.x hopefully coming next week!


Wonderful as always! Keep up the great work Nelson! :heart:


hype hype HYPE

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gibe key pls nelson, this is too good


Gib keys, maybe for golds

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This devlog alone shows how much UII is a massive improvement from U3. I love it.


Looks nice. I’m more used to a numerical ammo counter, but that’s just me. Would it be possible to have both the one shown in the video as well as a number-based ammo counter?


so epic, Love the clothes at the end. (also glad to see horde mode love)

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something something mac version

also good video

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Now, for my personal feedback.

I find it very interesting that Nelson has decided to take a modder’s perspective looking at various mechanics of UII that are yet to be implemented. Surely, this will help promote versatility and capability in the long run - but also, be an excellent way to approach certain mechanics that are commonly conceptualized by modders (such as functionality for minigames/meta-gamemodes). Very interested in seeing how this turns out.

The ammo UIs are very satisfying to look at and very clean - though I’m slightly concerned about how this UI will account for different ammo types loaded into the same magazine (assuming that this is an upcoming feature). Making the 2D physics independently must’ve been quite the task, I could only wonder. @RedCo I’d also imagine that a number/firemode indicator would be there in combination with the visual aspect, but to have it be optional would be a welcome addition as well.

As for the general interface style, one possible compromise could be the ability for the player to choose from one of several preset themes, potentially with color variation for each one. As of right now though I definitely like the latter of the two shown that had more consistency and aesthetic appeal. Perhaps the first one shown could be a minimalistic option for those that like a simpler UI?

The new stances and items not seen before, such as the military outfit, look pretty nice, but I do feel the need to point out the texture on the arm looks very unusually stretched. Hopefully this is something that isn’t too difficult to fix. Oops @MoltonMontro you got me there.

Also, I noticed the tracers for the rounds being fired out of the Cobras, and I do like how they look, but I also like the luminescent ones and I’m slightly curious as to whether the lack of emission in the tracers shown is intentional. Regardless the dual-wielding was fun to see, and will definitely have huge implications in gameplay. (I just rewatched the video and took a second to admire the quality of all the animations in general too, like the Cobras tilting around in the player’s hands as if they had weight. Very nice!)

Overall though - I really like the pace you’ve set with development. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S: Okay Nelson, I swear this is the last thing, haha. I really like the new video format, but feel free to let loose a wave of ideas with an unscripted video once in a while. I’m sure the community has grown fond of your casuality, after all.


Also, I’m pretty sure the shotgun and pistols shown were placeholders, because I surely hope that those models aren’t the final versions.


Camo huh


Part of the reason for the newer design is because of the different ammo types planned. Different ammo types would likely use their own icon, as that’s what you can see in the video (the sprites for the HUD should be the same as the inventory icons, just scaled down).

That stretching isn’t an issue anymore. Go to the clip shown immediately after what you screenshot. (The clip you screenshot is an example of U3’s stance.)


I liked the models of the pistols but I wish they were totally black, as for the shotgun I really thought that the model is not conbinando with the game and also I did not see the trigger, the trajetory of the bullets shown were very similar to those of the 3,i prefer the other devlogs but everything is great

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I’m glad we got at least some good filling January! Exited for more! :smiley:


Horde mode looks horrifying with all those endermen running at you jeez. The modding capabilities are crazy impressive though. I do hope there is a option for numerical ammo counts though as my smootbrain cant handle counting that fast. Also is it just me or is there bulletdrop on the cobras? Pretty interesting as this is our first look at that, although the gravity seems pretty high.

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Still no “Wave II” or something with Nelson giving keys to the demo, huh?
Sad ;-;


There probably won’t be a wave 2 and we might go directly into the combat beta when it comes to it

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