Devlog #018


Those models are 3.0s so yes, they are placeholder.


You’re probably right…
Okay so back to waiting for another devlog, 2 months will surely pass fast…


Those models are definitely not 3.0’s. They’re completely different (but still placeholder though)


I’m positive the pistols at least are 3.0 style. They look like cobras


That’s because they are Cobras. (However the Cobra of UII is a G17, versus the G18C of U3)

But as evident with the Eaglefire, something being in U3 doesn’t make it a U3 model in any way


Unturned II: Attack of the Clones

Keep up with the good work, I also appreciate implementing horde mode early in development


nelson and his dual wieldy bois

nonetheless, this is pretty good and i’m really excited for some of the things coming to Ull

Also that bomber minigame,
do we expect to see some minigame servers be added?


With regards to dual wielding… I hope that when we use a knife in combination with the Colt or any similar pistol, our character holds it in the way Snake would in MGS3. That is all.


Nelson i will hunt you down and choke you with maple syrup if this is not implemented.

Non-canadian syrup!


oh thats not a bad way to die-

you monster, your gonna make nelson american you fool!


A fate worse than death!



amazing, just amazing. some might say its more exciting than my sex life


Neither of those are U3 models. The Cobra (for U4) has been implemented for a while, and this is a newer version of the model/texture. An older version was shown in one of the earliest devlogs, and another version was available for download as a part of the animation tools.

The Remington model looks placeholder, but it’s definitely not a U3 gun. The Cobra’s model, on the other hand, is basically done. Obviously subject to change, but not a placeholder.


OH MY GOD I think shotguns with more beautiful wood than black and for sure it will be updated the model is almost without details has no trigger or sight.


wait you’re not nelson. what the fuck


My conclusion: devlog is great but I expected a melee combat demonstration and with this the texture of the zombies but it is incredible, suggestions: to make the glass of the car more resistant, to improve the model of the shotgun but I know that everything is already planning It’s just to reinforce,I also think that black glocks are more beautiful than green but it’s just an aesthetic suggestion


Hahahahhahahahha nice


You will know what to expect from devlogs before they’re posted. Melee was not something remotely on the radar.

Basically, keep your expectations realistic. You’ll have a fairly good idea ahead of time for when melee will be shown off in a devlog.


Are you sure about that, Whistleblower?

Nelson said he had family in Vancouver. :wink:

/s obv


The pistols seem to be based off of either the Glock 42 or the Glock 43 in Battlefield Green, as from what I’ve found only these two specific variants accept a seven-round magazine, which is the one shown in the devblog.