Devlog #018


Anyone else happy he said hello in the beginning


Jupp, as good as always :+1:


I imagine the pistols and especially the shotgun are just placeholders or just not entirely completed models but besides that looking good man i hope for the return of the weight mechanic while keeping the space mechanic for items and storage we all wish you the best of luck nelson


Idk but i see the bullets to slow, but hey! It’s a alpha


I think that most if not all of both positive and negative stuff has been said already.

I bring you a potential solution to current playermodel: make arms a bit shorter and slightly thinner, and there you go; the perfect playermodel for UII.

EDIT: also head slightly smaller. Massive head hitbox is a mistake to not be brought back from 3.x.


The header hitbox is already tighter.


Regarding previous models, it is. But I still see this one a little bit “big headed”, in comparison to the rest of the body.


Possibly, but what I meant is that U3’s problem wasn’t the size of the head, but quite literally the size of the hitbox. U3’s head hitbox was larger than the actual head, while U4’s isn’t.

So if U4’s head has already been made smaller on top of that, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Smart for adding horde mode with holes that only zombies can enter and players can not exit, that was a big problem with 3.0’s horde mode.


The development is coming a long way. I’m very proud of Nelson for providing this amount of quality in his work. Not going to lie, I’m usually on the cynical side of people… but I believe in this.

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I realized now, the trajectory of the bullet is half transparent, at the beginning was not a beam of bright yellow light? @MoltonMontro

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The guns are practically ready the models are great unturned it will not be the SUPER ULTRA REALISTC like models of some mods, but the shotgun needs adjustments.

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