Devlog #019

Sooner than expected? :slight_smile:


Loving the huge improvements to both the mesh and various animations. The mesh definitely looks more natural in proportion, as is reflected by an equally more natural stance/rigging system that you clearly put a lot of effort into. (I could imagine the potential of the elongated Slenderman model becoming a monster/easter egg of some sort, if you were really wanting to go the distance with your humor like you’re known to.)

The Remington 870 (Facekick?) sounds really deep and nice. Actually startled me a bit the first time haha. Immersive details like the sounds of ejected shells landing on different surfaces are a little surprise I don’t think anyone was expecting and details like that are what UII could really use plenty of!

As always your work is a refreshing sight.


We thick again, boys.

Lots of great work there Nelson. As someone who really despised the “chunkiness” of 3.0’s models, I actually don’t quite mind the decision to go with a similar style, as it does indeed look a bit more natural and less Slenderman-y than the original Denizens. Love the sound of the shotgun as well (like GHJ, I jumped a little when I first heard it, that thing was loud). And I always love the small details, such as different sounds for shells/casings landing on different materials.

Keep being cool, my dude. :sunglasses:


Nobody expects the Canadian devlog :sunglasses:


damn that playermodel looking thicc af

wait, how old is the unturned character supposed to be?

absolutely nothing to see here

mac demo?

I thought we will wait a month to hear a progress,and the model looks nicer and less sikiny which lokks much better and closer to the model in frist 4 devlogs ,but i didn’t thought that the shells will have that much detials and the sound looks more like real life which i think it opens a door for 3d sounds, what i mean by that the sounds gets different when in-door and out-door and there as i know saw far in insurgency sandstorm the sounds gets different for the location in the map which gives huge ambact in-game and could be to hard to put in game
But overhaul the game looks nicer

the virgin *shaggy vs the chad nelson

that shotgun sound is god tier


I really love the character model, Nice work :slight_smile:

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Shaggy 120% power vs Nelson -2%
It’s an easy win for Nelson


actually shaggy at maximum power < nelson at 1e(-3929)% power

How will that 3.x character model look in a car?


seriously tho, i love the character model it’s looking epic


Holy moly this looks epic,and it’s not too performance heavy I suppose?

Godtier content Nelson, I hope throwable items can get this type of treatment too, as well as be faster to pull put.

I still would like the forearms just a tad bit thinner, but everything else seems very nice!

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Beautiful, the model is a lot better, it reminds me of the v1 model that was my favorite.


i predict Devlog 20 were getting something special
maybe idk
wave 2?

Anyways, Progress on the game looks beautiful nelson, and i honestly cant wait play.


The only concern that I have is that the shotgun’s stock doesn’t match up with the shoulder, and the arms block up nearly half the screen when in first person viewmode.

2:39 Invert turning - make hips follow the mouse while immobiling torso and feet, and shake dat butt for me! :3