Discord Ban Appeal

My IP Address was unbanned before, and then my account got disabled by discord, so then I created a new main account with the same IP and went to the unturned discord because they unbanned me, and then a mod maybe didn’t know that I got unbanned, so then he banned me for alt evasion of ban

1044351888931422298 is my discord account ID

You were not banned for having your account disabled. Your old account got banned for scamming, harassment, creating conflicts, etc.

No, it never was

If your behaviour over on thr Unturned Discord is any indication I can see why they would. At any rate, thats is between Discord and you.

Again, no you never were unbanned

I was the one that banned your alt, rest assured I know what did or didn’t happen to your main.

If the whole “Whoops you probably forgot that I was unbanned” angle is the one you are going to play you can consider this appeal rejected.

Is this the thread you are referring to when you claim to have been unbanned?

Where is the proof of scamming

You already tried to appeal the initial ban, that appeal got rejected. You joining and subsequently getting banned on a alt doesn’t mean you get another appeal.

Appeal had been rejected.