Discord Ban

Hello, I am Xinax
I was muted in discord for putting lyrics in chat and was serving the mute. Later that day my discord got hacked, not banned, but hacked. I have emails with discord about it the same day I got hacked, im willing to show them in a private DM, but when my discord got hacked I was getting a map made for my server and needed to talk to him so when I created a new account I joined unturned and pinged the guy in chat, his name is Pople, you can ask him too and check dm’s I got hacked. I am asking to get unbanned from the discord and serve my original mute time, thanks and have a good day!

Discord: Xinax#9999

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Go ahead and post the emails. And maybe tell our mutual friend Ligma#8188 (915340231719419944=) that him throwing a fit in general won’t help your case.

Sorry but no, these threads are public for a reason.

Normally we’d need a ID but I already have yours so no worries.

Sorry sir, hes not very smart nor I am it seems, here are the pics ( same ones ive sent to ligma) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/930526340862578699/933046483048091688/IMG_8557.png

No sirs here, but no worries. Both links are broken, which would also explain the lack of embed.

Uploading through imgur, yes - Album on Imgur there ya go.

Okay, now we at least have those. I don’t see how they prove that your account got hacked tho…?
All they show is that you also claimed that there. Something along the lines of “Hey X your password has been reset” or “Okay we detected some unusual traffic” or whatever would be more to the point than you telling them the same exact thing you told us, which at this point proves nothing.

I have no clue, I was logged out in the middle of a call and I tried to login again and it said my email didnt even excist, really weird, discord isnt doing much like normal, I never got a email saying I was banned either so maybe discord just bugged? In this pic is where there was a report made, which I never did that and says there was login issue, so I am positive someone claimed to be me and got into my account somehow Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Are you alive?

Yes, Ia m. Why wouldn’t I be? There is no further input from my side, I said what I had to say.

Do i get unbanned?

Logs show there are two of ‘you’ currently(or previously) in the server:
One has ID 344115685506416650
The other has ID 930522667080097933 which was banned for mute evasion by deus

Which account are you speaking of?

Both have the same username and pfp.

The one who was banned for mute evasion is the one I want unbanned the other one is hacked and pointless

You say your account was hacked, are you telling me that the person asking “where do i apply for twitch channel thingy, i have 10k followers” was not you then?

Im confused, I got hacked yes, but I did say that myself that wasnt the hacker, and they havent even logged into the account, I think discord just has it locked, I explained this in the messages above.

So let me get this straight

You are the owner of account 344115685506416650 “Xinax #0069

This account got muted by Deus for one day

While it was muted, it got hacked, or so say you

Because of this you made a new account 930522667080097933 “Xinax #5392” which is now #9999, joined the server again to talk to some person about your server’s map, and then got promptly banned for mute evasion by Deus

Do I have the details correct?

Exactly correct.

I find it convenient that when his account gets hacked, its the same day he got muted

i have screenshots and people who can back me up about me being hacked

idk bro seems kind of sus


oh lawd evil stonetoss


Among us, but for real though, im just going to wait, im not going to push or anything, I broke the rules but it was a weird coincidence with that :confused: