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so I was thinking about some things Nelson would make some money off and we would be happy, I think it would be a great idea for Nelson to add DLC plugins, which some are cheap and some maybe more expensive. Nowadays you are able to buy different plugins for your Unturned server on different websites. What if Nelson would start selling unbeatable plugins for your server as DLCs. I dont really know how it should work but maybe we would have a trustworthly source for plugins and for example it would not end like on my server, everything the plugins say in the chat are some weird characters. Think about it guys!
~ Oli

Nelson already has his ways of gaining revenue, which is why the game is free. Paid plug-ins aren’t needed, as nothing would be stopping people from just copying it and making it free, just like how no one is stopping people from doing it in 3. (You can find slightly worse but pretty much the same versions of plug-ins that are paid)


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Nelson has said he won’t be doing anything like that, the only exception is access to official servers.

Nelson has already made it clear that he is planning to not have microtransactions in Unturned II. I think that he doesn’t need DLC or plugins in order to get revenue, plus at the end of the day plugins are something that the community creates, not something Nelson needs to get into. If anything, the benefits from these hypothetical elite plugins would be much more effective as vanilla features, would they not?

Generally I don’t think this is a good idea.


Agree, I think you mean Unturned IV not II

Bruh, we ARE talking about II. Nelson literally has said that he won’t on similar posts. Deal with it, he doesn’t want to become a money hungry dev. But you will be able to mod easier in 4/II so the stuff you want can be mods.

Your comment is actually irrelevant, I said “agree”
So you want to tell me Unturned 4 is Unturned II?

Unturned II is Unturned 4.0 though.

Unturned II is NOT Unturned 2.0.

The reason for this is because Unturned II will be a seperated game from 3.0. Hence the usage of the roman number rather than regular number.

(Why don’t they renamed Unturned II to “Dosturned” or “Unturned : The growths awaken” smh)


Well it surely makes sense seeing 2 games in the Steam store named ‘Unturned’ and ‘Unturned 4’

For your information, ‘4.0’ simply references his 4th project, and it is officially called ‘Unturned II’ as it is separate from the current game. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 are the version numbers of Unturned. 4.0 is just the initial project name of Unturned II (or Unturned 2).

Calling it ‘Unturned 4’ is simply wrong


I thought Nelson was avoiding plugins due to them killing off U3’s survival. And DLC is just preposterous. The game should be free for people to mod and change to their liking, not for the dev to add plugins/dlc. It’d be more work that Nelson shouldn’t have to do.

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This kinda shows you need to get more in touch with the game before even considering posting suggestions.


It was originally called unturned 4.0, because originally ot was supposed to be an “update” and replace the old game, like the other unturned versions. It has been decided now that it will be like a “new game” because 3.0 is going to be vastly different. You will be able to have 3.0 and II in your steam library. (Its like Half-Life, and Half-Life 2).

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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