Does Camellia Play Unturned!? O,o

Does Camellia play Unturned? Omg omg omg!

:OOOO poofy poofy proof! :((((

Pspspspsp this is not fake ^

If you don’t know Camellia is a really popular EDM maker! :OOO
He make lots of happi song for game like osu and is nice person!!! :)))

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what is edm


Electronic dance music!
Likeee ummm yeah~! :DDD
Vocaloid, dubstep, utau, techno, electro, sci-fi, a lot of music groups here and there like RIOT! :DDD
I can message you some example songs frm camellia! :DDDD
Happi songs from happi man! :)))

camila shiuld do a collab witb yoingboy nba

Cameli and Bob Dylan should do an album together I think

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yes can toothpick shaker be on the album too plz

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He’s not done much hip hop related things so idk if it’d work! :)))
He’s japanese but he’s very public and active (especially on his discord with a lot of members) and the joke is that he’s basically american because a lot of memes and stuffy wuffies from him~! <3
I.E His pfp being him tipping a fedora and some other things x333

I can post some songs for him to hsow you the kind of stuff he does make thooo if you awnt :)))
gappi songs!

he can do colab with SHO (pop rice) he is japanese too

As I said he’s not done much hip hop collabs so who knows!