Dont add hitmarks in 4.0

this post its about dont add the called “hitmark”.
my suggestion is dont add hitmarks in 4.0 because remove the fear of maybe the enemy continue alive and i dont know. Or the scence of how many hits i need to kill a target.

I don´t had a good argument i just dont like it, remove a experience to me what you think

  • No Hitmarks
  • Maybe Hitmarks
  • Yes hitmarks

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I don’t think the plan for II is to have it be an ultra realistic simulator with no hitmarkers or anything like that, so, with that being said just keep them in.


I would like having no hitmarkers.

i need hitmarkers so i know i hit something
and not something else

i mean just make it an option
optional for it to e on or not


yes hitmarkers

hitmarkers serve a functional purpose, so i know i fucking hit something

For starters, recategorized, secondly, this is a pretty interesting question. Without hitmarkers, you dont 100% know if you shot someone or not, making gunfights feel more “mysterious” as you arent completely confident whether you got the kill or not, which would make gunfights more fun, but if there is no way to tell if you killed someone outside of checking the body, which would force players to use more situational awareness to tell if someone is dead or not. Hitmarkers also lower the skill ceiling a tad, as you can spray down someone and know exactly how many times you hit them, as well as requiring less awarness. I think there should not be hitmarkers, but instead have a noise for when you get a headshot, as it would be really satisfying while staying as a best of both worlds compromise. There should also be red mist that comes from someone when they get shot, so if you have a keen eye you can tell if you nailed someone or not.


If there are good replacements for the hitmarkers, like blood effects, the character getting some kind of knockback and little marks on his skin I would be fine with the hitmarkers being gone. But I don’t think this should be a question, I think this should just be an option to be set by servers.

I think they should definitely be an option, maybe not a default one though.


I agree with @Renaxon hitmarkers should be on by default. Unturned II is not going to be an ultra realism thing.

I like the last part a little but removing hitmarkers doesn’t make the game more fun, its just frustrating, Every game I have played that doesn’t have hitmarkers is just annoying to play because you have no clue you are even being affective.

It should be as it is now where you can disable it per server.

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Im completely fine with hitmarkers, its just the noise they make when its a critical hit that i have a problem with. It’s just the artificial ffft that’s annoying as hell

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I mean its a pretty opinion based thing. I dont like hitmarkers because they oversimplify gunfights and make it far “easier” to kill people. You hit a headshot with a sniper, you now 100% know he is dead and walk over without a care and loot him, vs shooting at him, maybe hitting him, advancing super carefully because you have no idea. Not having hitmarkers adds another level of gameplay to gunfights that you dont get otherwise. I play alot of insurgency and the red mist type thing usually signifies that I killed someone, and just general situational knowledge of knowing how many bullets I shot lets me know if the person is dead or not, again a small amount of skill that is removed when hitmarkers are added


I don’t entirely agree, especially for a game like unturned, but I see where you are coming from.

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It should be turned of by default


They are important so you don’t waste ammo on a person who died 10 minutes ago.

I already made a post concerning this, and in my opinion it should be completely removed for several reasons.

  • Hitmarkers make it viable to spam bullets, as it shows when you hit or miss.

  • Encourages PvP since it makes it easier to see where you shot.

That’s just a basic overview, but do please read to post to learn more.


I’d prefer them only for PvP themed maps/servers, and even then it would ease gunfights a ton.

Allow me to greatly disagree. Since Devlog #004 (IIRC) the game trajectory towards a much more polished and realistic hardcore survival is pretty visible.

These seem like much more reasonable alternatives IMO.


now I had a good argument.

With hitmarks its possible know when you hit a target behind another object (since in 4.0 we will had bullet penetration)

boxes, crates, bushs its extremaly injust because go work like a wall hack.

Remove hit marks dont go turn the game extremaly realistic go turn more just.

Equally as important as being smart enough to tell if they’re dead or alive.

I agree with OP, imo no hitmarkers = more fun. The thrill of dropping to prone to fool someone into thinking you’re dead and nail them when they get near is too tempting. xp And i feel like firefights would just be alot more exhilarating and overall entertaining.

We could even go as far as allowing you to fake death and play a death animation or go ragdoll, but i imagine that’d get old and be figured out fast.

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And would also open the doors to massive trolling mayhems, so no thanks.