The future of the Hitmarker

I’m sure you all know what a hitmarker is, a little shape or combination of lines that shows that you have successfully hit something; and while this sounds fine, this does bring two major problems to mind.

  • Hitmarkers make it viable to spam bullets, as it shows when you hit or miss.

  • Encourages PvP since it makes it easier to see where you shot.

Now, since UII shouldn’t try to encourage PvP as much as 3.x, the removal of hitmarkers does have distinct advantages:

  • Makes it viable to play dead.

  • Players must pay attention to blood splatters and movement to discern dead players from live ones.

  • Targeting weak points on the Turned becomes more skill based.

However, this too also comes with a downside, as players will not be able to easily identify which weapons deal damage to what (Chainsaw v. wood wall). However, a possible solution to this is to keep hitmarks for damaging objects only.

I want this to be an open discussion, so I would appreciate it if you told me your thoughts and opinions.

  • Keep Hitmarkers
  • Remove Hitmarkers
  • Hitmarkers only display upon damaging objects
  • Other (comment)

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I’d prefer visual damage when dealing with objects. I don’t mind if it looks like “minecrafty” block breaking, for the sake of not killing performance.

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You should just be able to use common sense for this. Is a chainsaw going to break a metal door? No.


Of course, but some obscurities are in Unturned atm, which is why I wanted to bring it up.

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I think its better if there are no hitmarkers, there could be an option to turn it on and off (having it server sided) and if so hitmarkers should be turned of by default

good post btw :+1:

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Yes. Remove hitmarkers entirely.

I personally strongly enjoy the hitmarkers, as it gives me an idea of where my opponents are at HP wise. However, since people will always argue about it one way or the other, I’d prefer to see a server option to turn them on or off, as that way people can have the best of both worlds.

can we keep them for PvP and Arena? because no hitmarkers in that would be really annoying


I think no hitmaker would be great for UII maybe a bit weird in firts place but would bring a new way to play unturned.

Maybe if we have only a static dot in the screen that do nothing would feel less weird and work well.

I think it should just be a server option which I think it already is,

Crosshairs should be gone as well.


You could remove them in such a way that if you hit the body, it wont show. But if you hit the head, the red hitmarker will appear. Either that or add a distinct sound if we managed to hit the head, like Rust and CSGO

maybe or just have blood more obvious from a distance so you can tell if you hit better.

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Depends on server. On some “clan war” or “total destruction” (or Arena) you may have hitmarkers totally on (no partially), but on Roleplay/Survival servers hitmarkers should be totally off (no partially).

Dat + “hurt sound”, like in Heroes ‘n’ Generals or Minecraft/Terraria.

On Insurgency there aren’t hitmarkers, but in many (if not most) situations you know when you hit your target, because of the very visible yet subtle blood spray.

UII shouldn’t need more than that as a hardcore survival game. Also, there might be hurt sounds, but you wouldn’t be able to hear them past 15 meters, more or less.

Hitmarkers are arcadey and make the job way too easy.


Depends. In crowded area, sounds are “dissolving” in the overrall noise.
But apocalyptic world isn’t so loud. So it will be a bit moar than 15 meters. Also depends of wind noise and surroundings (internets says that on ice deserts, while clear weather, sounds can be heard from a few kilometers).

Hopefully, most maps won’t be that deserted.

Dessert desert :3

not having hitmarkers gives the game a skillgap, if you se someone up on a hill and shoot the person and they go out of sight it could be that you killed the person or that they just went prone, so you wont always know if they are dead or alive wich i think is a good thing


Animation difference between fallin dead and prone will be too obvious. If someone’s don’t make sure if he killed sb, then it’s his fault.
btw. you can totally erase hitmarkers, so you don’t know if you made proper ballistic adjustment to your aim (until youre blind and can’t see enemy flinching and bleeding) but you can’t erase EXP gain pop up (until roleplay/survival enthusiasts will remove exp pop up’s from the server, and you will be able only check exp in character’s in-game skill menu [i would play that way - no hitmarkers or exp pop-up :3 ])