Just a simple post about doors.(or is it)

The Basics

  • tapping “F” will open the door quickly, creating quite a lot of noise. Completed in half a second or less (basically the character will turn the doorknob and ram the door at the same time, or pull it open quickly. )

  • holding “F” will open the door slowly, allowing you to sneak into a room without alerting zombies. Takes around 2 seconds. (possibly allow the person to stop opening the door part of the way through and look around the room?)

  • most doors will be locked, or barricaded.

  • locked or barricaded doors can be broken down, but will make quite a lot of noise, and only up to medium strength doors can be broken down. All others need to be unlocked.

  • locked doors should have a way nearby, or at a set location, to unlock them. (ex. A nearby computer, or key on a turned corpse.)

Door types.

Glass sliding doors and store doors (super weak)

These doors will be made of glass, and the ones at stores need power to open, unless if they are mostly metal. The fast way to get in these is to just shatter the glass.

wooden and weak metal doors (weak doors)

These doors will be most everywhere, and depending on where they are located, will be locked or barricaded, and occasionally unlocked. If they are locked, then it’s usually the front or back door of a house, or a few rooms like the bathroom and some bedrooms.

Stronger metal doors (medium strength doors)

These doors will just be more reinforced versions of the wood and weak metal doors. They occasionally have small windows, but nothing more.

Reinforced steel doors (high level strength doors)

These doors can’t be broken down (at least, without explosives,) and require a key or computer nearby. They usually guard better loot, or vehicles. Usually in places of interest.

Vault doors (high level strength doors)

These require both a key, and a nearby computer. These can guard most anything important, from bunkers to banks.

Large reinforced thick metal doors. (ultra level strength door)

This door can only be opened from either a nearby computer, or a computer somewhere on the map. These guard large amounts of valuable items.

Barricaded doors.

These are doors that random objects have been throw behind, or are boarded up. These doors have higher strength than other doors, and can’t be lock picked.

What do you think?

  • Its good
  • It’s bad
  • Meh (comment)

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Rusty doors?

Love the idea! What about lockpicking locked doors? :smiley:

I’d like to see how this plays out with the additional accompaniment of battering rams and lockpicks.

Also, windows should be easier to break into than doors, but should make more noise (unless you use a glass cutter or something).


Yeah xd, well this post is about doors, I could make a post based on other things, like windows or some other stuff. I dunno.

I’m meh on the idea just because locked doors everywhere drives me nuts in games, but other parts of it are fine.

I like the idea, however I think that the slow and fast opening of doors is too unnecessary for Unturned II.

Why do you think that?

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