Elver Survey Results

An old survey i made a while ago to showcase what people liked about Elver, a total of 42 responses from the Unturned Official Discord!

I’ll try to find the pie charts on if people liked Elver ( they are mostly positive )

For now, here is a list of what people didnt like about Elver.

The extremely grinding progression to gain mesh (every other sense of progression was easy [even at the BIG J Easter egg])
The unique gameplay
It has less buildings that I thought it would
A lot of space isn’t used in the map
Everything is on one place more places would be nice
map lightning
It was just so open and I couldn’t take it. The highway maps were too small and it didn’t seem very good enough to play on.
Kinda small
it takes a while to progress
The zombies wouldnt respawn untill everyone left the nav volume
Its cool
I like it. It’s not just a common map lol.
Fourth wall breaking, very few new pistols.
the ammo system. (i didnt like that the ammo was low and high and no different calibers and types like ranger or military)
Loot spawns like Carpat, can’t get the good shit without a gasmask or a horde beacon for the NPCs.
The easter egg and things surrounding are pretty convoluted and rely on stumbling upon a lot of things without much direction. The TVs are sometimes a help but a lot of the things you need to find aren’t shown by the televisions, making it either a boring grind or you have to look at the guide.
N##### ( very inciteful racial slur i found in the results chart )
The Empty space, should have just made a lot of it inaccessible.
Quest line felt more like a grind then a fun experience, the map was smaller and everything was knda cramped together.
It’s just feels empty
The only was the craft of the mask, horde beacon and components, they need materials very rare to spawn it
too many memes in the map, its too difficult to get to npcs, and ammo being changed to be more generic (assault rifle magazine, sniper rifle magazine etc.)
The Loot Spawns Being Very Hard to Find Stuff
I don’t like the elver assets, because the elver assets can bug some mods but if we take out the workshop, elver it’s an really good map like 10/10.
The tank spawned with bugged ammo for some reason. My best guess is that the 42069 caliber is too cool for commie machinery

the fart truck was barely loud enough to annoy people, not epic

It doesn’t have una larga verga so the name’s all wrong, smh
One city and over hyped


Half of these answers are litterly made intentionally, that’s what makes it unique in the first place. The map creators can’t please every single person. Lol


Some of the responses are so…
The racist one disgusts me, how could you be that random & insensitive? Does it make you look cool?


these answers sum up the unturned community pretty well


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