Epic Games vs Apple

melhor meme da face da terra


reminds me google kicked fortnite off google play that’s neat innit


everyone liked that


Fuck, tough call. Both companies are shitty but I guess Epics tomfoolery affects me more directly.

How does it affect you though? Don’t you hate it?

Epic is actively making PC gaming worse for everyone. Apple is doing the same thing for consumer electronics more or less. Since I am not knee-deep in [recent overpriced consumer device] Apples fuckery “only” affects me on a more basic level.
But yes, I do hate both companies.


Both companies suck. I hope both sides lose.

megacorporation bad give me upvotes


2/10 made me respond

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Meh I don’t side both either

Apple is just a greedy fuck
Epic just wants to be the “Knight” for mobile industry

Also Google was invited to the party so fun

I don’t hate epic, I really disagree with a lot of shit it does, but I think it’s been a long time since a company has been playing games for free and good for consumers.

Please disregard our deep ties with a totalitarian government and the fact that we are actively making games worse by paying the devs so they can release crap and not have to worry about sales since they already got their money because muh freebies

I am not arguing that getting the likes of GTA V or Remnant: Form the Ashes is neat. But that cannot excuse the other shit they have been pulling, and the fact that you are gullible enough to get goated into forgiving them because of a few freebies tells me everything I need to know about you in the context of this debate.

Who cares? Just let the mega corporations fight and watch the fireworks.

I’m not saying that I agree with everything epic did, like paying for game exclusivity in some cases preventing contributors from receiving the game for free, or taking games from others like rocket league (although you don’t have to pay for it), or that I will suck her business because of GTA V, but that can encourage some stores and improve their services like PSN plus etc, you don’t need to go into a rage because of a comment from me.

You are starting to make even less sense than before. Nobody is arguing with the fact that freebies are nice, but if I take a crap on your desk and in leaving wish you a good day it is safe to assume that you are not going to applaud me for wishing you a good day. Also why do you keep mentioning me? This is not Discord, I get a notification if you reply anyway.

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I’m not arguing about this, but about saying that I agree with the mistakes of the epic, because it gives free games, my point is that the epic made mistakes, but it also has its merits … Well, and I like to mention people with @, is a peculiarity of mine.


It would be like shitting at the table but giving a new one for free, and when you leave you wish a good day.

Or just don’t do it ?

A few free games is in no way shape or from equivalent to thoroughly fucking multiple well liked franchises, let alone selling your data to Xi.

It’s particularly annoying one then

I don’t think GTA V, or other franchises will be destroyed because of that, … actually using @ is a bit annoying, but as I said it is a peculiarity of mine and I will not stop.


Sorry, I can’t stop.

You know I heard some arguments and kind of siding with apple

Despite them being money hungry shitlords epic did break TOS