Even more in-depth sniping

Since unturned 4.0 is going for more realism maybe making sniping even harder by ading wind when shooting . we all got used to the bullet drop so why not a sideway bulletdrop


sideway bulletdrop

What you’re describing doesn’t exist.


That is what the wind would do

It is just to simplify what the wind would do

Agreed,but it should only affect extremely long distance sniping and depend on the caliber of the gun.(A .50 cal.round is not going to be affected as much as a 5.56 or a 7.62 round at the same distance.)


Well what if it would afect it a bit for each 20 meters so if it is close enough you won’t feel the diference but the wind might be very strong or weak which would afect the bullet in diferent ways

I’m no expert on ballistics but by sideways bullet drop do you mean like you are in a moving car and shoot out the side at someone, you would have to compensate for the velocity of the car?

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He means wind pushing the bullet to the left or right.

This is too much, except for constant wind on maps
But then more detailed aim-helping marks on lenses needed

Ah, this makes more sense.

Unless the shot you’re taking involves the bullet spending at least one second in the air, wind shouldn’t be too significant with ballistics; however I do think it would be fitting to have, say, strong winds significantly affect mid-range and long range gunnery.


Are you sure about that ?

thats like saying a helicopter falls upward instead of flying lol

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Wait, so you’re telling me those things don’t fall upwards? /s


Keem in mind that none of us likes the bullet drop update this might be added so that new players (which unturned 4.0 will have planty of) will have an even harder time shooting cuz in real life you dont just give people a sniper and tell them to hit someting 1 km away

I disagree. A lot of people like the bullet drop update, and there are plenty of people who think it just didn’t do enough because:

  1. Weapon ranges in Unturned 3 are too short.
  2. It’s incredibly easy to compensate for bullet drop.

At first nobody liked it cuz they couldn’t shoot but quickly adaptes to it but i do agree that it is easy to compensate for the bullet drop and that is why i came ip with this

The other reason people dislike bullet drop is because they can no longer have their easy point-and-click adventures like in their usual shooter games

Otherwise like always, people tend to refuse to adapt to change.


You like quoting “everybody”, care to tell us who they are?

Out of the couple hundred people in my circle of Steam friends at the time, I haven’t heard a single one ever complain about bullet drop, except to say that it wasn’t enough.


Dude did u not read what you quote? At first, like the first day or first few days

Even including the first few days, everyone I knew was talking about how good of an addition it was for PvP.

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