[Fallout New Vegas]Project Obsidian Version 1 Release!

Hi All.

Project Obsidian has released. We’ve come a long way since our first devlog, and really haven’t kept you updated since. Our current content is about 24 items, or 9 uniforms for 6 different New Vegas factions. Honestly, we weren’t planning on releasing so soon, but since the launch of our friends over at Unturned New Vegas we felt that it would be nice to release some content for them.

So, let me introduce you to Project Obsidian Version 1.0.

It is admittedly pretty light, but I hope to supplement this with a lightning 1.1 update with some more content before I go on vacation for the next two weeks. In the short term:

  • Vault Suits!
  • Mercenary Gear!
  • Wastelander Gear!
    In the long term:
  • New California Republic
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Enclave Power Armor

Some more screenshots from our workshop page:

See you in the wasteland! PS - Join Unturned New Vegas!


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