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A suggestion I have is to have a certain category in the server search menu labelled “Featured”, this would allow player’s to go into a server featured by Nelson or prevalent community staff more easily.
This could help people find the highest quality server’s more easily, preventing the annoyance that many player’s suffer from scrolling through 500 bad server’s or different language server’s to find a NEW server to play on.

Adding this would just be a convieneance to player’s like me who are the equivalent to nomad’s when going through server’s. It’d also help bring under-rated high quality server’s into the spotlight.

It’d also give new player’s a good place to look when searching for a server, which would also help prevent a common thing with new player’s which is often looking for a server, finding a very poor quality one and then quitting out of frustration of finding multiple poor quality server’s that were not able to bring enjoyment to them or had toxic member’s/community’s.


Actually this might be a good idea, I’m always searching for good servers but rarely find some


Thank you for your support of the idea. I hope that people can iterate and rewrite my idea’s when I am all out of exhaust or not interested in a certain topic anymore so that the idea’s can be iterated till Nelson see’s and is able to add something that was much better/refined then me and my idea.

Usually, we find these kind of servers, once we see how many players are playing on them. If it is a bad quality server, it won’t have as many players as the good quality ones. He could add something, like the filter which is already in Unturned 3.0.

(By the way I would not recommend you adding an apostrophe before ‘‘s’’ in every word. It makes it kind of confusing, since you’re not putting it correctly)

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oof, soz i tired.\

IMHO. If a “good server” gets featured. It’ll end up being a “worst server” in a matter of days.


I agree and disagree.
The featured servers thing would be cool, but it would also take quite a lot of effort for a community staff member to go through a long list of servers to find the “best one”.
Also your definition of “quality server” could be or is different from other people’s preferences. Some like rp, some like PvP, some don’t really care what goes on.

Could make a voting system, but there is a downside to it: people who are popular (such as YouTubers) would get a ton of votes just because of their popularity.
That would be one of the downsides
That’s my opinion

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So would the official servers automatically be featured servers?

There would be 1 volunteer staff for each main genre like RP and PVP and Vanilla. They would be tasked with finding a good server. Owl

Of course, they would be, in-case the volunteer staff cant find any. And also because the official one’s would most likely be able to provide a more reliable experience. Harvest

“RP, PVP, VANILLA” shoudn’t be official at all. There should only be Unturned II, the game itself.

Amen. Guess you could tie the vote to like in-game playtime. For example, you need to play X hours before you can vote for a server. Or have the playtime on that server act as a multiplier of sorts, so that people with no playtime on a server can’t just bump it into oblivion because it is run by some Youtuber or whatever.


That may actually work

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