Features from other game that would fit in 4.X

Do you guys have any features from other survival games like Rust and DayZ that you would like to see in 4.0? I would personally like these:

Being able to paint on signs

Locking your base with a code lock

Musical instruments that can actually be played :slight_smile:

Actual notes that you can carry around and drop to other players

Being able to play Russian Roulette with revolvers, being able to commit suicide if you have a pistol

Better melee combat, blocking and being able to hit multiple people with one swing

Being able to help downed people up. You should be able to get knocked out, for example if you’ve been beaten with a melee weapon. Instead of just dying you will fall to the ground where you can then be revived if the damage was not too severe. People can also choose to execute you or leave you to bleed out. However if you for example were shot in the head you would not be able to be revived, because well, your brains should be all over the place.

Locational damage, both for zombies and players. If you get shot in your arm, you will be less accurate, someone punches you in the head should have a chance to blurr your vision, shot in the leg and you will not be able to run, atleast not as fast, etc etc.

Leaving a trail of blood. If you’ve been shot in for example the leg, you should leave a trail of blood behind unless you use a bandage to stop the bleeding. This way people could find you by following the trail of blood you leave behind you.

These are just a few of my suggestions, please tell me what you think :grinning:


EERMAHERD! I will admit that I didn’t read the whole post, but most of these have been discussed.

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I don’t see many original ideas here. Also, I’m sure the ability to play musical instruments would only be a waste of megabytes. This is a survival game and not Guitar Hero. However though, having NPCs playing instruments would be neat.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky has this for example.


haha maybe but it would be fun

clear sky DansGame

The guitar is for the inmersion I guess, I like that idea, stupid/useless things for a survival game sometimes are welcome, like the chewing gum. And imagine in the night, with a campfire in front of you cooking meat, while is cooking playing the guitar.

I would like some better and more customizations like you can choose a basic hairstyle and deform it. (:

Then most of the people will wear a penis hairstyle and then plop the inmersion is gone.


TBH, I would like to be able to find instruments and be able to playnmusic with them, example, the unturned theme on a keyboard/piano. I dunno.

I want Rust’s multiple spawnpoints/beds system in Unturned. That would be cool.
More affordable traps/turrets too

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Individual pouches on clothes and equipment(pouches on vests,pockets in pants etc…)like in EFT(escape from tarkov)

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Five out of six people agree, Russian Roulette is a great game.
(I’m not sorry)


I think thaths going to be added.

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This has been confirmed by Nelson when I suggested it.

See Sectionalized Clothing Concept

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He knows it’s taken from other survival games.

By unoriginal, I believe he meant they’ve all been brought up on the forums before.

This won’t end well. People would draw whatever they want, which might not be the best.

I believe this is somewhat confirmed, so you should expect to see it in 4.0.

As many other people have said, this would probably be better with NPC’s.

I don’t see a real use for this besides RP.

The latter wouldn’t be too bad, but the former seems like a cool mod but not that useful of a vanilla addition.

I agree with blocking, but hitting multiple people seems a bit too much IMO.

There’s a post that has this idea, Death & Reputation | In-Depth Thread, check it out because it has some of your ideas in it.

This is a pretty good idea. You should be slower when you’re shot in the legs, but that’s not the case in 3.0. It’d spice up combat.

It sounds like a good idea at first until you’re in a massive gunfight and your game slows down (well, at least for me).

with the russian roulette at least its better than a russian roulette game where i went 8 shots without a bang

Building Mechanics from “7 Days to Die”

You know, Physics, Upgrade parts, etc.

(Death to the Skybase)



It’s unlikely we will be able to fiddle with advanced technology, but maybe.

It would be a waste of time in every way, but it might make the game for polished.

You can kind of already do that.

Eh, no.

Yes, though hard to code.

Like this idea, but no brains. Just doesn’t work with the art style.


Not a bad idea.