Feedback Mega Thread [Firing Range Demo]

If you’ve played the new demo with the Firing Range and Blastlane maps, feel free to give feedback below. For bug reports, tap or click here.

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  • Having to press a key to manually cycle the weapon is cool, but maybe it shouldn’t replace the key for swapping magazines.
  • It seems like there’s an unnecessary amount of clicks to manage attachments. I understand that 3.X was cluttered and not controller friendly because it always had all the possible attachment slots shown, but perhaps a middle ground could be found by showing the attachment options when mousing over the slot rather than having to click on the slot itself before then clicking an option.

not being able to leave storage units with F really threw me off at first. ig it makes sense since technically it opens the inventory but eh

also free looking while aiming down a scope that turns on an overlay should eject you out of the scope but have the gun in a position where it looks like you were aiming through it until you stop free looking

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The reload button appears to replace magazine loading because magazine loading is not implemented in the current test version.

I don’t think the reload key will only cycle the bolt in the final version.

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Not entirely sure what you mean by magazine loading not being implemented. You can load magazines with (infinite) cartridges, and you can load magazines into rifles through the attachment menu and inventory.

What really got me was that pressing escape doesn’t close the inventory, like in 3.X, but instead opens the main menu on top of the inventory screen. I just checked, and it’s possible to simultaneously be in the attachment menu by pressing T, the inventory by pressing Tab, inspecting the gun within the inventory, inspecting the magazine within the gun, inspecting the ammunition within the gun, and the main menu by pressing Esc

Correct me if I’m wrong, as I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. But are all manual weapons going to be manually bolted?

The “7.62×51mm Firing Range Gun” is manually cycled by pressing the reload or fire button, when the chamber is empty and you aren’t aiming down sights. I imagine other weapons will have the same controls.

I don’t know if I like that or not yet.

There’s no animation and action to reload.

You have to do it through the UI.

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Likely just an oversight. The “F” key actually opening storages and “LMB” for cycling bolts were added after I mentioned them the day before the public release.

One thing I’m extremely used to in 3 is using “ESC” to back out of my inventory. In the current demo, it opens the main menu even if in inventory (which also made me think I was stuck lol)


Allow for splitting stacks into the nested slots that magazines use for ammo sorting. As it stands, you have to split ammo into your main inventory before you can bring the split stack into the magazine.

Additionally, you should be able to more quickly move stacks of bullets around in that nested menu. If it can’t split bullets into the other stack, it should just switch them around. This would work well for giving more control to sort bullets, especially if you have different bullet types.

-There is no ammunition limit (probably of purpose,its is a demo).
-the optimization did not have an improvement on weaker PCs but this is probably due to the workload that Nelson had and ended up with no time for it.
-Using the rifle is good, but I thought we could use the pistols and the shotgun right at the beginning but will be added later.
-Probably for the same reason of the optimization the lack of the animation of the arms of the character when it holds nothing in the hands.

Now only good points.
-the new host system for servers is much better and simpler and it is only necessary for the user to know his IP.
-It’s a lot of fun to know that we’ll have safes with passwords and keys.
-the new system of visualization of bullets in the magazine is very good.

The ammo indicator appears on the left or sight side depending on what hand the item is equipped to.

My feedback is that this should not apply to two-handed items, which should always default to the same side (right-side by default, but left-side if there’s a left-handed player option).

By extension, when a left-handed player option (or similar option) is implemented, it should switch the default hand items are equipped to when dragging items onto the character preview window, too. Right now, it defaults to the right-hand.


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