Fight with zombies

Strong blows to the head make the zombies fall and then get up, zombies try to grab you to bite you, at that point your avatar holds the zombie and you need to quickly press the left mouse button to release and push the zombie if your fighting skills movement is automatic.


Still not so keen on Quick Time Events in a survival game. If it’s not something that is a nuisance and would literally take 5 seconds of you doing absolutely nothing to affect the QTE before anything harmful happens, maybe.


You don’t want to turn Unturned 2 fighting into wrestling. You really don’t.

No quick time events. They only partially work in a singleplayer only telltale story game.


actually, arent they used in games like what, dying light? or is it something else. whatever, arent games like those considered survival games?

Never played dying light, but is it that close to unturned?

(apart from the zombie apocalypse thing that’s pretty clear)

Dying light isnt a survival game, its a rpg. The zombies arent really an issue, and the QTEs are an annoyance at best. Its definitely fun though, but QTEs only work because the game is a singleplayer RPG where death just takes you back to your last checkpoint.


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