Fire effects!

In the first place he wasn’t talking about the forest fires, he was saying that they can’t burn down a wooden house as quickly as he said

I don’t think a Molotov sets a base on fire in a second, even with a flamethrower it would take a while and no new player could do it that fast because he would first have to find the things needed to create it and that would take time, the only way to do it would be if a Molotov appeared as a weapon appears, but that’s not my idea

Ha-ha-ha, that’s impossible.

Neither was Craven, silly goose.

If you throw a bottle full of flammable liquid onto a wooden structure, then set that structure on fire, and boy will that structure burn.

Yes, it will burn quickly.

I’m very (around 174%) sure that a wooden house will be set on fire by…

A weapon that shoots fire?

Oh yes! Of course a big fat gun whose only purpose is to expel flames with the intent of destruction will definitely take some time to burn a house that’s made out of some really flammable material such as wood!

I have zero understanding of what’s going on in your brain, but I can tell you it’s not gonna work.

Finally, it comes back to the issue I presented before.
It’s way too easy to raid new players if this feature is added, and I’m not even getting to the other ways you can start a fire.
You haven’t even addressed my issue yet, and you just jump to other people’s arguments first.

Ever been on a pvp server, ever?
You’ll find big clans that have massive storages of loot, and I will bet my soul that there’s at least 1 hell’s fury in there.

You know what that means.

It’s perfectly possible to make a base out of metal the next day, but you can just get raided before you even gather the necessary materials.
It’s not that hard to burn down a house.

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I can actually personally attest to how unbelievably hot a flamethrower is. I have worked with two other friends to make a safe and highly effective homemade flamethrower, and with a 5-1 diesel - E85 mixture we had about a foot of blue flame out the front and 40 feet of range.

Not even using that fuel mixture, we melted water bottles with the water still inside and boiled the water out of mud.

It is comparable to a very very large bonfire, and I can say with good certainty that it would quickly ignite wood, and it would do so even faster with a napalm mixture instead of any other fuel combination.


That’s really interesting, I really hope there’s some sort of fire in the game in the future honestly.

so what you’re saying is that fire is… hot?

And that it would not take a while to set anything on fire with it.

there’s no way you can set a base on fire with a single Molotov as fast as you say

I think you misunderstood what I said, because my point was that even if they set fire to your base with a flamethrower you’d have enough time to defend yourself and prevent them from wiping out your whole house, If I skip over some arguments, it’s because they’re simply illogical, And as I said before, it’s not easy to assault a player. You’d have to be a rookie not to know about strategy and get yourself killed or your house destroyed.

Of course, I always play on pvp servers and in fact I’ve been one of those teams that have big stores of loot, and I also know that to get a hells fury you need a lot of luck and a lot of time to spare so don’t talk to me like you know everything

I think you must be a rookie in the game, that’s why you say that, I always make my bases out of metal and I have to go far away from my base to get the metal and the times I’ve had the metal removed, I can count them with my fingers, but it’s always because I’m distracted, what I’m saying is that if you can be assaulted but it’s your own fault, not because there’s a weapon or not :wink:

Thank you!! finally a logical comment and besides you check it yourself

Well yes, but I’m talking about logic. For example, in the game there are times when it rains and a flamethrower wouldn’t work because the wood would be too wet to light easily, in fact I’m not even sure that the flamethrower itself would light, but of course in normal weather you would have problems😐

During the rain it wouldn’t have issues igniting itself at all.

We had our flamethrower successfully work even with slight water contamination in the fuel.

Fuel fires cannot be easily extinguished with water anyways. I can say with decent confidence that it would still work. The pilot light is a blowtorch as well and those don’t struggle to work in the rain.

However, wet targets would be more difficult to light and depending on how hard it’s raining flamethrower might not be able to dry the target fast enough. But this is still hypotheticals. I’m pretty sure you can find military reports on effectiveness of flamethrowers in the rain.

EDIT: Also, what’s up with the constant goal posting? First it’s “can’t set on fire” to “can’t set on fire when raining?”


I agree with Aden, this feature would be ridiculously overpowered. It would simply be too easy to craft a few molotov cocktails and destroy any newly built wooden base.

You claim that one would have enough time to defend themselves from such an attack, but how would this be implemented? Are you implying that it would take some extended amount of time for a wooden structure to burn down? If so, what is a realistic time, as “enough time to defend yourself” is not a measure of time.

Lastly, you make a comment about always making bases out of metal. This comment does not make sense as you do not know the difficulty of creating a metal base in 4.0. What if metal is difficult to find, or if bases require loads of metal to be constructed?


If what you say is right, but like you, I have checked it and it is not possible that the wood catches fire when it is raining, because the wood is wet and it is difficult to light, but on the other hand, when there is sun, the wood is dry, so it is easy to light

Water is only a protective barrier if it’s present. A flamethrower is hot enough to heat away and dry the target before igniting it.

Keep in mind, one of the testing sessions I’ve had we boiled water out of the mud near our targets. It is not ridiculous to conclude that a flamethrower could realistically dry a target faster than it is getting rained on, of course depending on the rain.


I’m tired of answering the same questions, but I’ll say them again anyway.

I already said that the Molotov cocktails would not be easy to create either because you would have to find all the ingredients that by the way are not few and are not easy to get and to be able to finish with certain structures you would need more than 1

In fact that’s right, I can’t say an exact number but the moment your house is on fire you have about 3 minutes to put out the fire and prevent your whole house from being destroyed and kill the player that is attacking you, and it seems that we are forgetting that we can have a group or a partner so if that happens it wouldn’t be so difficult to achieve it

excuse me, i only said that if you are going to make a base as big as aden said in past comments you should make it with metal, at no time did i say that whenever you build your house you have to make it of metal please first read well why i say those things and then give your opinion because if it doesn’t look like it is throwing hate

Yes but usually the rains in the game are a bit strong and in order to dry the wood and make it burn, you have to have enough fuel to be able to do it because the flamethrower needs a lot of fuel and shoots very fast so you would have to have enough fuel

Time for fuel use statistics.

It’s not like you can’t just go to a gas station and get infinite amounts of fuel already with 3.0. Maybe that’ll change in UII, maybe not. Different fuel types could bring some interesting mechanics though.

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Are you telling me how much a fuel a flamethrower uses?

The flamethrower I made can be fired non-stop for a minute.

And, once again, this is all hypotheticals, I have not done any rain/wet target testing and unless you can find some official reports about the effectiveness of flamethrowers in wet conditions, I can’t really believe anything you say.


You even said it yourself, big clans get lots of loot. If they can get a hell’s fury, surely a molotov isn’t that hard?
Second, when you throw a molotov onto a wooden structure, it ignites and burns it very easily because a molotov contains flammable liquid which, I may say, is essentially equivalent to gas in terms of flammability.
If you cover a wooden object with flammable liquid, then set that on fire, It’ll burn quickly, no?

For this, I think we can compare a 3x3 wooden base to a small modern home in a suburban neighborhood. Sounds reasonable, yes?
If it takes an entire crew of firefighters (about 4-6 people) to put out a fire of that magnitude, how long will it take a person, or even a small group, to put out that fire without a firetruck or steady supply of water? Not to mention there’s also a person who’s attacking them while they try to put out the fire. Hell, it’s not even the worst scenario you could be in. Ever seen skybases? Lots of them have wooden outsides. If you had enough molotovs (which can’t possibly be as rare as hell’s furys) you could simply burn away the outer layer to expose the inner structures with little to no effort.
This effects not just new players, but some larger bases will suffer from this as well.

They could all be offline, or somewhere else in the world. How would they know that their base is burning? Could they react within your so-called timeframe of 3 minutes? What if the arsonist had a flamethrower as well? Couldn’t they shorten the burning time using more fire sources like extra molotovs? What if they went offline before getting any metal and got immediately raided? What if it’s a new player who doesn’t even know how to build? What if it’s a huge skybase made out of only wood (which does exist, mind you.)?
There’s so many issues that you don’t address, this fire system creates more problems than it solves.

  1. Not everyone has metal
  2. You can’t just “get metal”, that’s not how it works
  3. People will use wooden structures in larger bases unless they’re so overpowered that they have endless amounts of scrap

What are you comparing this to? Do you even have a valid comparison? How can you prove that they’re “a bit strong”? Can you prove anything in that paragraph?

laugh lol
Fuel is the least of your worries in Unturned.