Forum Reply bug

Ok so this is a bug as you can see there my “writing tab” and " preview tab" are different compared to the reply .
Heres the post

It also happens to this post just look at the point.

i don’t think its a bug
i think that’s just formatting

why the preview tab didn’t warn me?

the preview tab doesn’t warn people
it only warns you about 10 char and body para
not once will it warn you about formatting

but still it should help you see the fact that the text is different than the post so you can fix it

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Formatting is the literal purpose of the preview tab to begin with - displaying things like the final formatting of hyperlinks and images. You and @ReallyAR may be confusing the preview tab with the warning messages though which are two completely different things.

That said, the above is not caused by a bug but rather by resolution difference between the tab and the site. The solution is simply to format in the most simple, straightforward way possible as opposed to overcompensating for things like individual line breaks.

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The preview tab is your “warning”. It shows you the final product based on the formatting elements you’ve applied.

It doesn’t have the ability to know what you meant to do. It only knows what you actually did.

What you did on the left box was not actual formatting, hence the end product. Excess whitespace gets cut, and cannot be used to break lines or as padding.

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