Forum Update | July 2022

  • Core software update.
  • Updated all third-party plugins, themes, or theme components.
  • Generic security and package updates.
  • Some category clean-up.
  • Implemented some temporary fixes for the fork of the third-party Vincent theme (a.k.a., Vincent II).
  • Added the Anniversary 2022 badge.
  • Blocked some niche domains typically used for spamming.


A number of changes meant to help clean-up the category hierarchy. I’d like to do another pass at categories in the future, to bring them closer to the June concepts. But for now, these are some of the much smaller changes.

  • The Regulars’ Lounge is now a child category of the Community Lounge .
  • Merged the Gaming and Gamedev child categories into the parent Community Lounge category.
  • Added #gaming and #gamedev tags to the Community Lounge.
  • Renamed the following categories: Modding (→ Modding & Plugins), and Meta (→ Meta Discussion).
  • Updated the category descriptions for Unturned, Unturned II, Modding & Plugins, Community Lounge, Meta Discussion, and Staff.

Vincent II

I’ve implemented a number of temporary fixes to the theme. These will be properly implemented into the fork in the future, although visually there won’t be too much of a difference between the temporary and proper implementations.

  • Fixed page content wrapper to be centered with a more modern width, rather than taking up most of the viewport.
  • Fixed various issues where text, buttons, and other instances of flexes/blocks/table-cells wouldn’t be vertically aligned and wouldn’t take up the full container height.
  • Theme-specific styling for top-of-site versatile banners (e.g., for scheduled maintenance announcements).
  • Improved readability of “last visit” notices on both topic lists, and within individual topics.
  • Disabled sticky avatars. This fixes the issue where scrolling through a topic would cause the contents of a post to constantly shrink/grow in size.
  • Bold/strong text is actually BOLD.
  • Fixed some missing borders on the admin dashboard for managing badges.
  • Removed margin on the container for internal cross-links listed under posts.

Two weeks.