SDG Forum feedback – fewer categories

With a heightened focus and commitment towards making Unturned the best the game it can be, we’d like to take the time to streamline our various communities to provide the best experience possible for players.

This topic will focus on a specific issue pertaining to the SDG Forum – an overabundance of categories. Please feel free to provide your feedback on the topic as a public reply.

To give quicker, more generalized feedback about the site, refer to: SDG Forum feedback – survey polls instead.

Current issues

Many of the important game-related categories are buried, and several of our oldest categories see very little use. The three main issues I’ve concluded are:

  • New topics typically require selecting a sub-category, rather than a main category. This can be confusing for new visitors.

  • Important game topics are buried within sub-categories. This can make it tedious to report bugs, post suggestions, or view announcements.

  • The various off-topic categories are generally less popular than game-related categories, or were never popular to begin with (e.g., #community-lounge:gamedev).

Category mock-ups

Below are two visual mockups that focus on greatly simplifying the category structure of the forum, using the default Dark theme as a reference.

Thank you for for feedback.

Be sure to check out the other post if you’d prefer to fill out a quick poll regarding the forum’s quality and how you use it.


Thank you molt :+1:


Thank you Molt