Forum Update | May 2021

May 2021 update. Policy changes, user fields, and “do not disturb” mode.

Code of Conduct policy updates

The Hate Group Symbols policy has been formally integrated into the larger Code of Conduct. Its integration features no changes of substance, and can be found in the Hateful Conduct section.

Additions to the "Hateful Conduct" section

Posting hateful imagery to the site, such as in a reply or as an avatar, is considered a form of hateful conduct. Examples of hateful imagery include:

  • Nazi symbolism
  • the Stormfront logo
  • the Celtic cross as used by white nationalists
  • Klan symbolism
  • the Aryan Fist

With the addition of the word censor, the Code of Conduct has been updated. As a part of the Disruptive Conduct section, it is against site policy to intentionally bypass the word censor. The entire section has been updated to better describe various kinds of Disruptive Conduct.

It should be easier to read and comprehend. The notable rewordings/changes are: (1) simplified the terminology for “spamming”; (2) contributing to ongoing flame-wars can result in moderation; (3) added examples of report manipulation; (4) mentioned the word censor.

Changes to the "Disruptive Conduct" section

Any conduct which interrupts the general flow of the forum, or any other SDG medium, is prohibited.

  • Spamming is prohibited. Posting the same thing multiple times, posting gibberish, or making an unreasonable amount of consecutive replies, disrupts the flow of the forum.
  • Creating posts to cause unrest or disturbance is prohibited. The intent to derail a topic, troll other users, or start a flame war such as by intentionally posting inflammatory or off-topic remarks, disrupts the flow of the forum. Further contributing to such unrest or disturbance, despite not being the instigator, can result in moderation depending on the severity.
  • Manipulating the report system is prohibited. Creating false reports, or spamming multiple reports, is disruptive.
  • Bypassing the word censor is prohibited.

Word censor

The word censor is properly and formally added to the forum. When a user makes a post with a censored word, the word will automatically be censored. The censor covers various slurs and profanity. Some profanity is not censored, but instead becomes automatically flagged for review.

User fields

All of the older fields have been updated slightly, and an old CSS component that was breaking the new and updated fields has been disabled. Added a new “Preferred Pronouns” field that shows up on the user’s profile and user card. It is optional and only shows up on your profile/card if you use it, just like other fields.


I know that some people would have preferred seeing Yarr’s suggestion of utilizing the forum’s titles feature to implement a way to show preferred pronouns, but that feature is baked into badges and groups. This makes it challenging to work with (besides just manually adding custom titles per user) in a way that isn’t hacky, as ideally users would be able to choose from a set of default titles freely.

“Do not disturb” mode

Site members can now enter “do not disturb” mode. The modal for this is available from the profile tab of the user menu.


A majority of notifications are not sent while you are in this mode. This includes desktop and push notifications, site notifications, and emails.

Users can either choose from a preset of durations, or create a schedule for when they would like to automatically be put into “do not disturb” mode. This schedule can also configured from your notification settings.

Invite interface

It’s now easier to invite people to the site. Rather than be limited by weird email invites, you can create shareable links and set a max number of uses on them, along with an expiry date.

“Unturned: Console” categories

The Console ports can now be discussed in #unturned, as opposed to having their own dedicated categories. The Console category was understandably low-traffic, as most troubleshooting issues and bug reports should go directly to 505 Support.

The console posts that did exist have been moved to #unturned subcategories, which now have tags for the platform being played on. Category descriptions have been updated in various areas to simplify and shorten the descriptive text. Some minor things like slugs have also been renamed, to better reflect the site’s categories.

Signup/login with Google (PENDING)

The signup modal has been updated recently, and support for Apple and Google signup/login was added. It was originally my plan to wait for the verification process and other such things to be completed so we could hook up the OAuth API.

But, this feature isn’t ready to be implemented yet. Since everything else for the forum update is ready, this feature should be added later this month instead (whenever the API setup is done and ready).

List of changes

List of changes:
  • Updated forum software
  • Updated all extensions
  • Updated all themes for compatibility fixes
  • Updated most theme components compatibility fixes
  • Disabled an old CSS theme component that was breaking user fields on user cards
  • -> and --> automatically become →
  • Users can make an edit during the slow mode timer
  • “Do not disturb” notification setting
  • Updated names and descriptions of user fields
  • SDG Wiki field no longer shows up on user cards
  • Optional “Preferred Pronouns” field
  • New interface for topic timers
  • New interface for invites
  • New interface for login/signup UI
  • Support for signing up with Apple
  • Support for signing up with Google
  • Support bulk PMs
  • Support for automatically tagging new topics
  • Moderators can mark posts to be reviewed later
  • English (UK) localization
  • New avatar for @system
  • Admins can flag posts for later review
  • Updated sections of the Code of Conduct to be less wordy and more clear
  • Merged the “Hate Group Symbols” policy with the Code of Conduct
  • Added the word censor officially
  • Various profanity is automatically flagged for review, but does not automatically punish the poster
  • Various derogatory slurs are automatically censored
  • Some extreme and excessive forms of profanity are blocked entirely, and so is various terms regarding NSFW content
  • Inline oneboxing is now default
  • Various updates to oneboxes
  • Removed classic emojis in favor of their higher-fidelity counterparts
  • Updated the category descriptions for #unturned-ii
  • Updated the category descriptions for #unturned
  • Updated #unturned-ii slug from #unturned-4 to #unturned-ii
  • Deleted “Unturned: Console” category
  • Deleted “Console Announcements” subcategory
  • Deleted “Console Discussion” subcategory
  • Renamed the “Consoles” tag group to “Platforms”
  • Added the #pc tag
  • Added the “Platforms” tag group to #unturned:u3-discussion
  • Added the “Platforms” tag group to #unturned:u3-support
  • Added the “Platforms” tag group to #unturned:u3-announcements
  • Added support for emoji “groups” for custom emojis

Global pin for two weeks.

Important notice: if you change your pronouns to something that is not, actually, a real pronoun, you are the funniest person alive


superb update

you are the unfunniest person alive


Hello, neighbor.


So can my brother @ForeverBlue finally be permitted to say the neighbor word without fear of censorship?


Hello, neighbor


I’ve become the funniest person alive


Yes, this will be good


Case in point. Will you be here all week?


You don’t understand.

I find it pretty cool

@Romelete I am now His Excellency, President for Life, Supreme Dear Leader, Field Marshal Al Hajj Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Sneed’s Feed and Seed formerly Chuck’s, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution, Lieutenant of the Sneedclave, Marshal of the Chuckclave, Lord of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular. I will now proceed to sneed on you.

Wow guys, we’ve got some comedy kings here with these pronouns, you got us all laughin.


Damm a lot of changes are happening, does this have to do with Nelson teaming up with a big company?

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@Leprechan12 Why yes I am shitposting with the new pointless tools that was suggested by a troglodyte from twitter, how could you tell?

(EDIT: I was fucking right that adding that function was a bad idea)



It doesn’t count if YOU’RE the one who is abusing it the most.


Gad dammit, these dumbasses are fighting in a virtual chat again