Freelook while ads

I don’t think you should be able to do this…


Well, it could work functionally in some way. Like if you use facebook, your character will still have the gun pulled up but you can look outside the gun. Say a person who makes unturned movies wants his character to keep the gun aimed, but also wants then to look over while they hold it at someone who is sitting nearby

I prefer MySpace

But in all seriousness, it would really only be functional from the first person perspective if we had dual rendered scopes, or if freelooking removed the scope overlay.

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Harvest literally beat me to the punch by 10 seconds.

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I think you should, just not with a scope.

This was already reported in another thread (U4 Demo (Eaglefire Content) [bugs + QoL]), but a bump is nice

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Emphasis on auto-correct with a middle finger towards it

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Ngl I’d say this is a bit too OP, since it removes the fact that you have to “tunnel-vision” while scoping in. Tunnel-vision makes snipers a bit vulnerable since they can’t see their surroundings as well, which is fair, but this would make it a bit OP.

Laughs in Arma
I think freelook while ADS should be a thing (with sights that it would work with obviously.).

I’d expect freelooking with ADS to work with any sight but to have the thing mentioned before where for scopes it removes the overlay. Just have the character hold the gun in position like he is trying to aim and maybe have a short delay to readjust when you finish freelooking.

Yeah, you should have to literally re-focus your eyes and get a decent sight picture.

I think it should only be possible with some sights, and not with all sights. Plus different sights should give more blurriness while in ADS and whatnot.

It takes longer to re-adjust to your normal surrondings when you use a x12 cope than a RDS, yes. But there is no reason to not have freelook on ay non-binocualr sight.

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Problem is will the freelook be zoomed in like in the scope? How should it look while in 3rd person? Should the freelook be blurry?

Not possible in 3rd person

Lolwut? No, of course not. You’d not eb looking through the scope so why on earth would it be zoomed in?
Freelook should initally be belurry since your eyes have to readjust (again that should be absed on the scopes magnification and recticle).


Ah sorry I didn’t understand what you meant. Yeah I agree with you.

In U3 there is a bug where when you zoom in with a scope you can still see your surroundings at the same zoom…

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