Full 4.0 weapon wishlist (With custom names)

Wouldn’t mind getting a proper AK-12 in the game either, for maps with Russian military spawns. Couldn’t hurt to get a solid mix of outdated and modern slavic weapons.

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Just saying that not having all the 3.0 guns ported to 4.0 will be unlikely, so I don’t see the point of this thread.

Overall just looks like it was made out of unorganized enthusiasm, like the map suggestions.

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It’d be nice to be able to take the stocks off guns, so that you could dual wield mini-uzis

I think we need same guns as 3.0 but more balanced.


That was exactly what I was trying to achieve,gather opinions.(Look down)

And as I see you guys don’t really like it,so leave it,seems like we’re sticking to the C7A2.

I don’t really care about names for weapons, since this game will have full mod support, someone could just make a real gun names replacer mod. Boom a mod can’t do anything to copyright!

Also you don’t need to make such ridicilous names, you can just change some letters and numbers.

Do any gun names in 3.0 actually have numbers?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Except the MP40 and the Shadowstalker MK 2)

good thing we have people like you to tell us the fucking game could be better


I didn’t want to reply to this post because I think that there are guns enough already, so it would be wiser to import all of them from 3.0, plus fixing some of them and adding some few new ones. So my observations here (and correct me if I’m wrong):

Colt :arrow_right: already exists
Makarov :arrow_right: already exists as Kryzkarek (12 rounds though. Maybe it’s another)
Beretta M9 :arrow_right: should replace the Avenger in US maps (leave names to Nelson)
.44 Magnum :arrow_right: already exists as Ace (unless it’s .357, not specified though)

Uzi :arrow_right: already exists as Bulldog (so yeah…)
Beretta 93R :arrow_right: if there are Italy maps (leave the name to Nelson)
G18 :arrow_right: already exists as Cobra

MP5 :arrow_right: already exists as Viper
Kriss Vector :arrow_right: already exists as Scalar
P90 :arrow_right: already exists as Peacemaker
Scorpion Evo :arrow_right: if there are Czech Republic maps or as NPC faction ‘PMC’ weaponry (names to Nelson)
Ak 74u :arrow_right: leave the name to Nelson if added

AR15 :arrow_right: maybe the Eaglefire it’s actually its updated version: the M16 (IMO)
Maplestrike :arrow_left: it’s clarified that it’s actually the canadian C7A2
AK74 :arrow_right: maybe already exists as the Zubeknakov
AUG A3 :arrow_right: the first version of the Steyr AUG already exists as the Augewehr :star:
G36C :arrow_right: already exists as the Nightraider :star:
SCAR-H :arrow_right: already exists as the Heartbreaker
ARX160 :arrow_right: for France and Italy maps (leave the name to Nelson)
AS VAL :arrow_right: already exists as the Matamorez (at the start it was designed to resemble the VSS Vintorez, so that’s why the name) :star:

:star: = caliber-attachments and location fixes for these existing weapons in UII needs to be made

M60 :arrow_right: pretty antique, I’d prefer the existing M249 (Dragonfang) unless there’s a map set on a contry wich actually uses it (and there are many)
PKM :arrow_right: already exists as the Nykorev (I’d also suggest the RPK)

And once again… Please leave the names to Nelson; your suggested names doesn’t convince me :b

M14 EBR :arrow_right: :+1: (military standard)
Remington R11 RSASS :arrow_right: :+1: (PMC factions)
SKS :arrow_right: :+1: (militia-bandits)

GM6 Lynx :arrow_right: only on Romania, Hungary, Arabia, India or Turkey maps
M24 :arrow_right: there already exists a variant of the Remington 700, which is named Timberwolf (M40)
Winchester 94 :arrow_right: :+1: (though there should be more calibers of lever actions instead of just only one named as it is)

Remington 870 :arrow_right: already exists as the Bluntforce
DP12 :arrow_right: :-1: (still pretty recent and experimental, so I’d suggest the Keltec KSG instead)
Saiga 12 :arrow_right: already exists as the Vonya
Double barrel shotgun :arrow_right: already exists as the Masterkey (though there are many types and there isn’t any specification on which it resembles. Russian types would be the TOZ-34 and the IZH-43)

SMAW :arrow_right: same case with lever actions… The existing RPG-7 should stay as militia-bandit counterpart (thought there’s the Lancer in Greece map)

Location-wise, I’d also suggest:

  • L1A1 SLR (western military)
  • FN FAL (militia-bandits and eastern military)
  • Galil (SAR version for western military and PMC. Default for militia-bandits and eastern military)
  • AC-556 (also known as Ruger Mini-14, in variants for both civilians and military)
  • DT SRS (bandit-PMC)
  • Mossberg 500 (M590 as military)
  • Winchester Super X3 (civilian sport shotgun)
  • Winchester 92 (.357 lever action)
  • Winchester 73 (.22 lever action, as alternative to Ruger MK III [Sportshot])
  • Some Smith&Wesson revolver
  • TOZ 194 (Russia)
  • AT4 (american military launcher)

Actually, there are LOTS of guns we could suggest location-wise… So I should stop it right here, lol.

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The 4.X Eaglefire is an AR-15.

Maybe there could be both M16’s and AR15’s depending on either military or civilian locations… That’s subject to changes from where I see it

Can’t use that, copyrighted.

Is there an echo in here?

The Eaglefire name is already on the M4 in Unturned II. 3.0 has it on the AR15, but in Unturned II it’ll be on the M4 so… There you have it.

No it’s an M4 lol, not an AR-15

Yep there’s definitely an echo in here


I knew that it was like that, but still subject to changes, however

Really? I hear an ekho…

I would suggest thoses weapons :

22long rifle -> rabbitsmasher
  • Low damage hunting rifle, commonly find in hunters shelters
  • Semi mod


Famas -> Guillotine

Rarely find in some military bases or airdrops ( if they exist )

  • 3 Burst mod
  • Semi mod


M107 -> TrackBreaker
  • Semi mod
  • need the player to be lying down and to use a bipod
  • need specific skills for the player to use , so that means not everyone can use it
  • inflict deafness effect for 10 seconds to the shooter