Gas, Gas, Gas!

Do you like… my car?

Now that I got that song out of my head, let’s talk about gasoline and gas cans and all that flamable shit.

Basically, 3.x’s gas cans have only 1 use, refill fuel, and put fuel in car. Pretty lame if you ask me.

The thing I would like to suggest, since a lot of people keep moaning about fire mechanics, is this…

  1. When you click “left click” while not aiming at a car’s fuel tank at a small distance, you will start to pour the gasoline on the ground, and if you start walking while holding left click you will start leaving a trail of gas behing you.
  2. Adding a lighter. The lighter can be used to light up very dark areas to give you a very limited view of 10~5ft in front of you. It is also an essencial tool to ignite a campfire
  3. When there’s a trail of gas on the ground or wherever it could be, shooting that trail (with the right conditions) or using the lighter will cause the trail to ignite making a trail of fire. (Kinda like GTA V) The ignited trail will keep the fire going for 30 seconds before dicipating.
  4. When that trail leads to a tree, after a good amount of time of burning will cause the tree to turn black, become easier to cut down, and when that happens it gives you coal which can be used to keep campfires going (because 3.x campfires feed on “pressing F”). The time needed for the tree to turn into coal depends on their health. You can also use the logs you got from fresh trees and put them on a campfire to make individual logs turn into coal. (1 birch log = 10 coal, 1 maple log = 20 coal, 1 pine log = 30 coal)
  5. Tracer bullets will allow people to ignite a trail of gas no matter the distance or caliber. 5.56 rounds ignite the trail at a minimum distance of 50ft. 7.62 rounds ignite the trail at a minimum of 40ft. Handgun calibers can’t ignite the trail as well as shotguns. Sniper calibers can ignite the trail at 30ft minimum distance.
  6. If the ignited trail leads to a wooden base, it won’t be enough to detroy the base. Only the wooden structures that has gas on them will ignite and lose health gradually, but the rate of health loss would be very slow to the point where you’re going to need at least 3 full gas cans to destroy that 1 structure (1% / sec) which won’t allow people to abuse this because of it’s long waiting time.
  7. Each barricade, structure, vehicle, resource has a certain multiplyer to fire damage resistance. (Eg. Concrete structures have a x0.01 fire damage multiplyer)

Hope i went over everything, if not, please inform me


hmmm sounds similar to gta v xd

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A lighter shouldn’t be the only way to start a campfire fire, what about bows, flints, flares, ammunition components, and (ugh) magnifying glasses?
In order to actually turn whole logs, and not just their surface into charcoal, one would need to construct a charcoal mound, or a similar structure.
The amount of gas needed to burn down say for example a birch post needn’t be three full gascans, since having to spend one can of gasoline (which we hopefully won’t have infinite free production of) and wait for it to finish burning and then still having to do more damage would probably be enough atleast against the smallest and weakest wooden structures. I’m not saying that any structure needs to be destroyed with just 1 can of gas, just that ~1.5 gas cans might be discouraging enough to protect smallest and weakest structures, while still giving a use to burning structures down.

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Did I say it’s the only way to start a campfire?

Nope. I just said it’s "an essencial tool.
". Not “the essencial tool”

And about the trees and coal and all that, you do know that these are just example numbers that can be changed and not a fixed number.

And the rest is basically for balancing purposes. I’m pushing away realism to prevent it from being overpowered and destroy everything. Giving more difficulty to the game.

And I don’t want fire to be so good on bases because that would return us to 3.x since lighters are gonna be a common item

Well, in GTA V you can pretty much ignite the trail with any firearm. But the trail is used mainly for fun. Leave a trail in the shape of a burning swastica (spelling)
Because if you wanna burn something, you just spray the gas on it and ignite it

well… then XD

Essential (Or essencial if you prefer) means that it is necessary, (if it can be substituted it is not necessary) and you gave no clarification as to what the other essential tools might be, so you will have to forgive me for assuming the other essentials might be the fire pit, kindling, and/or fuels.
(PS not trying to start an argument you did ask

So I’m just explaining how I [mis?]interpreted it as such.)

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It’s no biggie.
I just gave out the addition of one fire starter. The rest isn’t what this post is mainly about

Coal or charcoal?

Pardon me

how would shooting a trail of gas ignite it

Video game magic!

Sparks, heat, I really don’t know.

Sounds like a MythBusters episode.

They actually did it. And i saw it. At a certain distance, the bullet will have enough heat to catch the gas on fire

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It’s basically all about friction

Rip mythbusters. They ran out of myths.

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What if…

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what friction? my original post was rhetorical because shooting gas will not catch it on fire. theres not enough friction or heat from a bullet impact to ignite gas, it just simply isnt possible. (“what friction?” is also rhetorical)

Air resistance
It is considered friction and will cause a ton of heat due to a high velocity


We could explode gas pump