Gear affecting vision and hearing

Before i star I wannt to say that these are just examples and ideas on how it could be and not a suggestion on how it should be. The idea of this topic is to pressent the idea of this feature and see what people think about it and Id like us to have a discussion about the idea down below, and the pictures are just there to better explane what i mean (1 picture can describe more than a 1000 words).

The idea is that gear can have positive and negative effects on you when using it, an example being if you have a really high level protecting helmet it might have some negative sides of it to balance it out, this could make it so that you choose gear after the specific points that you need (like vision, hearing, protection), so if you need maximum vision and sound avernes you might not tahe your heavily armored helmet that covers your entier head.

Helmets and face shields

  • Reduces sound/hearing if your ears are coverd
  • Reduces vision and/or FOV if it has a ballistic face shield
    or covers your face

Ops core helmet (dosent affect hearing) with ballistic face shield (worse vision)

An example of what it could look like
(No damage)

Altyn helmet (less sound) with face shield (smaller fov and worse vision)

An example of what it could look like

Maska-1sch helmet (less sound) with face shield (smaller fov)

An example of what it could look like

Tactical military headsets

  • Reduces and fillters out high decibel sounds
  • Keeps and amplifies normal and lower desibel sounds
  • Can be used as a communication device

Tactical headset

Electronic tactiacl headphones (needs to be attached to a helmet)

Night vision

  • Better vision at night
  • Can lower FOV

Depot DVS-7 night vision goggles (reduced fov)

What it could look like

GPNVG-18 night vision goggles (Good fov)

What it could look like

Gas masks

  • Can lower FOV
  • Can reduce sound

GP-5 Civilian gas mask (lower fow and sound)

What it could look like

Mag-3 gas mask (sligtly lower fov)

What it could look like

What do you think

When you vote Id like you to think about the idea as a bigger picture and what you think about the feature, so dont vote about if you like my examples and the pictures in the post, they are just there to give you an idea of what i mean and how it maby could look.

  • I like the idea
  • Hmm, maby/idk
  • I dont like the idea

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And please vote and write down below what you think about the idea, I really wannt to hear your oppinion :slight_smile:

P.s Id like you to priorities writing your thoughts about the topic, but if you wannt to give me feedback about the post on what I could have done better or what i did good (did i have to many pictures :thinking:) then Id wery much like to hear


More detail, so sure. Plus i like all the Metro screenshots.

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Imagine if they actually changed your fov when wearing a helmet, I would never wear them.


I don’t think this would be a needed addition to the game, nor a positive one.

A few months ago, a mod was added to the workshop; it contained gas masks and other clothing items that added visual overlays; which, in short, did exactly this. Instead of blowing up, or becoming popular, it languished in obscurity; the visual obstruction caused by wearing these items was too great of an annoyance for the majority of the playerbase. Detail additions like this are nice, but can get annoying very fast; if wearing a clothing item obstructs your vision, in most cases the clothing item will simply not be worn; vision is important, and having extra protection might be nice, but in the end most people will choose sight over armor. The glass gas mask cracking and denting would be a nice detail, but not much more then that; at best, it would simply be a bit of extra fluff that adds some additional polish onto the game. However, I can respect those who would want it for role-play or realism purposes, and it could have a wide variety of uses for more interesting modded content. As of such, I think that having clothing overlays should, at most, be a toggleable option; for the most part, it would be more of an annoyance than something of actual benefit to the game.


If this was a thing then nobody would wear any type of headgear. Sorry, but obstructing my field of vision isn’t really something I want.

This would only work if armors/helemets that restricted your FOV were very strong. The NVG is a great idea, as it would allow for better tiering for night vision: i.e the first one being a police nvg, and the second being military. For the headsets, there should be other things that occupy the same slot that also give bonuses, so that it isn’t a straight: get this item for the passive buff, then forget about it


Well thats one of the points, balancing out high armored gear by having some downsides with it, so then your not automaticly just taking the best and highest protective gear


Prehaps only a little of screen coverage. Even on the most armoured.
Other wise to annoying

Even though I like the overall idea I can relate to what @anon26840272 said, the protection given by the items would need to outweigh the loss in FOV/audio, which is a hard task.

I’m in favour of an almost minimal screen overlay for visual obstructions, but cracks are just unnecessary plain and simple imo.


something something danaby quote

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image i’d be fine with this because it’s realistic and it doesn’t really obscure your vision that much. Changing sounds while wearing a helmet is useless because you can just raise your volume. Remember that some of these screenshots are single player games. I think it is pointless to add very realistic stuff like this in unturned since unturned isn’t that realistic to begin with. What i think is a good idea tho, is a snorkel/diving mask that you can use to see better underwater and it could look like the Mag-3 mask in first person.

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Then why do people wear these in EFT? i do like this idea as it nerfs op helmets and gear, without making them useless. Especially with the nvg’s, as in 3.0 nvg’s are a travesty.

Also, this would probably be how the civ/mili night vision is set up.

Try to avoid comparing 3.0 to UII, as the dev has changed alot in terms of mechanical skill of coding, and vision of what he wants to make in terms of a game. He has stated multiple times before that he wants expansive and hardcore mechanics, which can be shown by the roadmap, github, and devlogs (I am on mobile so I can’t link to it, but “Smartley Dressed Games Wiki” is a very good resource if you want to see what things Nelson is planning on adding down the road)

Another thing which is kinda funny as you can screw up in both ways (I have before) is either suggesting something for realism, and/or dismissing something for being realism for the sake of realism. Obviously the helmet noise cancelling bit is a little silly, and would not fit well, but as the OP mentioned, restricting vision in only some (think very powerfully armored suits) would be a pretty good way to balance heavy armor/tank “builds” and playstyles in UII, assuming they would come with other debuffs i.e movement speed.

Welcome to the forums btw : - )

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I’d rather wear a hat then and have less protection as opposed to limiting situational awareness. Being aware of your surroundings to me is much more important than surviving one or two extra shots, and against a horde of Turned speed and movement will work much to your advantage a lot more than dressing up as canned food.

The point is to use it to bridge the gap. Maybe it’s 5 shots, maybe it’s 10, it would still open up a new playstyle

The one-man army juggernaut with a full suit of ceramic armor and Tachanka helmet, tanking entire magazines and wielding a machine gun? I hope that’s not what you have in mind.

It’s because in EFT these helmets can literally save your life by taking substantial amounts of damage from things such as pistol cartridges. I’ve seen higher tier ones rated all the way up to armor class 4, one even at level 6, being capable of stopping even intermediate rifle rounds. Helmets are actually really, really good in EFT, so much so that it warranted the addition of a face hitbox separate from the rest of the head because people were tanking so much with it. Players prior to this face hitbox would literally shoot at legs instead of heads because helmets protected so well.

I highly doubt we’ll see this reciprocated in UII.

hell yeah dude that sounds badass as fuck

Entire magazines from shitty unmodded militia-tier guns that are using hollow points ammo and with armor increasing draw time of guns, speed, jump height etc…yes?

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You could say the same for 3.0, as a helmet can stop a 50. BMG bullet, which gives the player enough time to react to spam healing items and hide/run away, or counter snipe the enemy sniper. I would also like to see armor become more like EFT’s because it seems like a pretty good system.

(Also, about your point with people shooting legs, i often shoot people in the body in 3.0 as it is easier to hit from far away, and ot take the same amount of shots with a sniper).

Now, i dont want UII to become f2p tarkov, but i do think that certain bullets can not go through tough decent condition armor, and with follow up success shots, it weakens the armor and will eventually let the bullet through (maybe like 18-20 shots from a pistol on some mid-grade armor).

But ye, i do think there should be vision obstruction for wearing helmets with a faceshield, and other "face items because it would be cool, and hopefully armor is put into a better system.

Edit: i wrote this in the morning so sorry for the sucky English.

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