General discussion about Minecraft

  • Do you play Minecraft?
  • Do you wish you had Minecraft?
  • Do you like mods?
  • What modpacks do you play?
  • Would it be cool if I hosted an SDG modded minecraft server? lol?

Currently I’m trying a Modpack called Modern Skyblock 3: Departed


1 yes
2 i have it
3 kinda ironic but no
4 none
5 no


1 yes
2 i have it
3 not all that much, but they can be fun.
4 tekkit classic
5 i mean some would play it, but i’m already tied up with stuff at the moment.

2-Got it
3-Yes and no
4-I played Feed the beast before

1- I
2- Go
3- To
4- Church
5- Every day

  1. Yep
  2. Hell yea
  3. Used to, but now I prefer vanilla
  4. OptifineHD
  5. Why not🤔

4.Crafting dead, (some massive modpack I can’t remember the name of)
5. Sure

  1. this
  2. ain’t
  3. a
  4. minecraft
  5. forum

5.talked about

  • Sometimes
  • Of course yes
  • Yes
  • Makeshift
  • yes, but no
  • I do play minecraft. I used to play it like crazy back in 4 years ago, and i just returned this week.
  • passing this question
  • Of course i do. But only realistic mods that makes sense to be in the game, like mods that add more ambience sounds to minecraft, or visual changes like shader.
  • I don’t really have a modpack right now. I play with mods that i find randomly on the forge site. Mods go into the mods folder
  • Maybe?

1 ye
2 ye
3 ye
4 Tekkit clasiic
5 idk

  1. Yes i play minecraft
  2. I dont really like mods
  3. None
  4. yes
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  1. Yes
  2. Already have it
  3. no
  4. no
  5. no

also is it me or does it seem like minecraft is being talked about EVERYWHERE. I feel like minecraft is going through some sort of revolution/renaissance


Personally I’m incredibly bored of Minecraft because I’m just not creative enough. Once you get all the resources theres nothing left to do. Thats why I’ve been playing lots of modded Minecraft, especially modpacks with questlines.

And if I do play vanilla, I’ve been looking for a good server that meets my standards. I have yet to find any, interestingly enough.

1- Yes, at times
2- Nah, I am good
3- Yes and no. There are times when I enjoy building power armour or nukes, but there are also periods of time where I just make a new vanilla survival world and just play for a couple of hours
4- Of course, you just had to did you not? SDG server with Unturned themed mod-pack would be cool, but I’d rather it be hosted by NolsoN

If only that existed. The closest you’ll ever get is here

A Minecraft Unturned mod is getting added to the list of ideas I have and need to start working on as we speak. Granted chances are slim, but hey might as well try.

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  1. I used to. Might come back cause of the village update.
  2. Already have it (Dont ask how :griefer:)
  3. I don’t mind mods, though I barely use any of them.
  4. I only use technical mods (Tweaks the game or adds more options).
  5. Don’t think so, unless the majority plays Minecraft at a reasonable rate.
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1.) yes
2.) I have it
3.) Only a few
4.) I don’t
5.) no