Gun recoil and bullet drop

I know people have made similar post, but i really felt like a post of my own was necessary to
get this out there


So i have to say that i dont like the recoilsystem where your gun is going to point up
into the sky if you let it go for a moment and Id really like something else

My suggestion would be to have a similar recoil system as Escape From Tarkov
The way it works is that first the recoil kicks upvards but then it wont go over a
certant point and then you only have to keep your sight on the enemy and control
for horizontal recoil and not so much for vertical (Im garbage at explaining)
Heres a video, start watching from 4:00

Bullet drop

So I think it would be nice if the bullet drop and travel time would be easy to pick up but
hard to master.
So if an assault rifles effective range is 300m it would not have much drop within 300m, but
when you go over that the bullet starts dropping fast, this would make it so that new players
still have a chans of engaging players at a distanc but to hit thous long shots you would
requier skill but it would be really rewarding when you hit them long snipes
Heres also a video start watching at 7:00

The recoil

  • I like it
  • Id change (comment what)
  • Id like something else (comment what)
  • I dont like it (comment why)

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The bullet drop

  • I like it
  • Id change (comment what)
  • Id like something else (comment what)
  • I dont like it (comment why)

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honestly i think the recoil should work more like in rs2 where the sights can misalign to all hell and the gun doesn’t just stop recoiling upwards, but without the seeming randomness of rs2’s recoil

afaik the reason why eft has the gun stop recoiling upwards is because it’s simulating your guy leaning into the gun automatically, but from all the eft videos i’ve seen that just encourages magdumping to ridiculous ranges. meanwhile in rs2 you’re not gonna see much magdumping past, say, 30 meters (except with deployed machine guns or the grease gun [because the grease gun in that game has barely any recoil and it fires so slow]) because you simply can’t hit anything past there if you do, not to mention it just takes more skill in general. i can’t really find a good video to show what i mean but there’s a lot of rs2 videos out there, you’d probably get an idea of what i mean if you watched enough of them


Sry for having 0 iq but what is rs2 xD

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

The Rising Storm (and commonly associated Red Orchestra) series are widely considered to be some of the most immersive shooters ever made. I 100% agree with @Whistleblower’s points regardless.

As for bullet drop, I don’t want any nonsense “the bullet does X to a distance and then does Y”. A bullet is a bullet. It should behave like the projectile it is, without any obscure conditions other than those that realistically exist. Effective range of a weapon should be determined by handling and accuracy far more than ballistics IMO too, but that’s a bit of a tangent from the points that were made.


canada gang who up

Just as long as a sniper can engage at proper ranges. Most fights in real life is 300-600m away usually.

I don’t want my bullet behaving like an airsoft gun or my RPG-7/ any AT launcher behaving like an arrow.

lowkey though bullets in 3.0 behave more like rpg-7 rockets

I like it, it puts a skill gap in the game but dosnt make it imposible for noobs to pvp and gives them a chanse to fight without forcing them to put mani hours into the game before they can defend them self.

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I would seriously prefer the recoil system in unturned 3 but with the added randomness factor like Nelson has said before.
Unturned 3.0’s recoil system is comparable to Rainbow 6 siege’s old recoil system where the sights have a bit of misaligning(now it’s perfectly aligned everytime) but without the randomness factor of R6’s system.
So basically unturned’s recoil is very predictable and it would take only a bit of practice to turn all your guns into laser beams.
And that’s where the “recoil diamond” comes into play
The gun will essentially just hit a random spot within this diamond(so the smaller the better)
where it will be possible to learn the core recoil pattern but where you also have some RNG elements.
In siege you can equip attachments to reduce the recoil and also make this recoil diamond smaller(and more consistent)
Siege has 3 barrel attachments that can influence this
Muzzle brake:Designed to reduce first shot recoil(so AMAZING for semi-auto’s)
Flash Hider: It also reduces 1st shot recoil but less effectively while also reducing the recoil diamond size(Mostly used by people who burst/tap fire) also hides muzzle flash(duh)
Compensator:Reduces the recoil diamond size CONSIDERABLY(this is used by the majority of the community because mag dumping is fun)
I think unturned could take notes from this recoil system and add more attachments(not just these) that will influence the gun recoil.

May i ask why you prefer 3.0s recoil system, is it personal prefrens or do you feel like its a better way of handeling recoil for the game
Id also like to ask about the recoil reducing attachments on how much they would affect the recoil sinc I dont think its a good idea to make the reduction to big, even is guns arent lasers from the beginning we dont wannt to give players the posibility of turning them into lasers by fully kitting them out with attatchemts like in 3.0 if we are compering a fully attatched maplestrike vs one without attatchments

The recoil system you described in the post allows super easy control of your gun at expense of ammo, which I don’t think should be the case. For starters it would be quite detrimental for custom modes where ammo is not your worry (I can guess that something like deathmatch will be made). Shooting ten rounds and achieving stable stream of fire? Ehhh.

I’m big fan of recoil in Rust, there are patterns for some of the weapons and recoil in general feels rough and gets progressively bigger after couple shots in rapid succession. It requires lot of practice to master.

I agree on bullet drop, there should be certain distance on which your weapon would hit your target with minimal bullet travel time and no drop at all, the drop itself should get progressively bigger throughout the trajectory (compared to 3.0 linear drop), maybe even velocity could get slightly lower on long distances.

Im not suggesting that your recoil should become laser accurate definitely not, your crosshair/sight would not stay in the same spot it would be affected by horizontal recoil and would be going up and down, you would have to focus more on having your sight on the enemy and not on how much you have to be pulling down to counter the vertical recoil

This is one of the reasons why Id prefer my idea or something else, Im not to big of a fan about making the recoil to challenging and hard to leard, I do get that there should be a skill gap within the recoil controlability
but having it to hard will set a BIG gap between thous who spend crazy amounts of time on the game and thous who might not put their entire life into the game. I would like the recoil to be easy to learn but hard to master fully.
But i do get your view on this case can understand why, IMO I just feel like taking it to the extent like rust would make it to competetive and not relaxed

I feel like it’s a better way of handling recoil.It rewards skill in aiming over luck

3.0 Gunplay quite literally sucks for a game like this. The bulletdrop is horrible and recoil barely exostent. I would suggest gunplay similar to Insurgency S ,though slightly lowered.
There should be NO limitations for how far a bullet can travel. The further it gets the more drop and the more lost velocity of the bullet.

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Recoil is non-existent when you slap on attachments.because most guns kick a lot when bonestock(and there’s also sharpshooter)

Still i dont think attachments should transform your gun to be death star laserbeam accurat, no where near any form of laser beams (depends on the gun but still no maplestrike laserbeams)

I think attachments should be rare and provide next to no benefit and mostly just look cool and tactical, they could be a fancy collectable you can use to spice up your guns later in game (obviously not talking about something like tactical light or basic sights).

This is where you look in to other games like rainbow 6.
They have recoil reducing attachments but as stated before in the post where i elaborated extensively on it.It would still skill and practice to master the recoil patterns(We’re talking like A LOT OF practice)

I’m sorry,but that sounds dumb.Making Grips/barrel attachments cosmetic only would really be a horrible idea.
When you look in to games like Rainbow 6 you can put on recoil-reducing attachments but all of them trade something off for the recoil reduction(vertical grip makes ADS times bad and angled reduces ADS time but will have no recoil reduction)
Or the barrels assist the player with their playstyle(Compensator makes it easier to control sprays at the cost of a lot of first shot recoil.Muzzle brake makes first shot recoil VERY low but spraying will be a pain and flash hider is kind of an in between that doesn’t excel in anything but is a great all-rounder for those who can use it)

That’s why I said next to no benefit, they would provide slight improvement but not give you a massive advantage.

I don’t think features of Rainbow 6,which revolves heavily around CQB fights, would translate well into a survival game. ADS speed really wouldn’t matter that much if you are fighting someone outside close quarters and ability to land shots quicker would heavily tilt chance of winning to whoever has more attachments on his gun.