Gun Silencer Idea

not sure if silencers exist in unturned II yet but this is how they should work.
they are extremely quiet. when you kill someone it doesn’t tell you who killed you it just says “you were killed by (gun)” to prevent it from being OP it would have a 25% damage reduction. to prevent this from making cheaters really hard to catch, you could still report the player. it just wouldn’t tell you what player you reported. there could also be high quality suppressors and makeshift suppressors. the high quality ones would be silent for 100% of the shots. the makeshift ones would be silent for 60% of the shots.


and before you say it shouldn’t have the damage reduction, NO. that is a horrible idea. it would be overpowered

Do you understand HOW big of a damage reduction 25% is? If a weapon kills in 3 shots its now 4 shots, no damage reduction should be done by having a suppressor equipped, just make it rare.


As an alternative, why not just make suppressed guns still sound relatively loud, just that directional damage markers are removed, with damage still remaining the same. Turned who are shot with a suppressed weapon will still react, but still don’t know exactly where the shot came from.


I play rust a lot. the 25% damage reduction is what stops them from being overpowered. they are literally silent. it forces you to aim for headshots. you aren’t being forced to use them. if you cant hit headshots, dont use them

Then why not make them not silent?


I don’t think the makeshift silencer should have a 60% chance to make the shot quieter. Instead, what also makes more sense to me, is to make it extremely low durability, so it breaks after a couple of shots(and it should still sound louder than the military silencer) . Basically the current version of Unturned 3.x makeshift silencer.


Mufflers only reduce the range of the projectile.

Actually, the added length that attaching a suppressor gives actually increases the velocity.


Suppressors don’t make a gun silent.

i am aware of that. but its for balancing reasons. they would be so overpowered without the damage reduction

In real life most rounds are supersonic meaning suppressors aren’t effective(cos of the sonic boom) unless the rounds are subsonic. The subsonic rounds have less range and are less powerful. However some rounds like the .45acp,.22LR,.32ACP are subsonic in their standard loadings meaning their lethality doesn’t change. Suppressors should either be less effective with standard ammo, or should have range and damage penalties.

suppressors need to have some kind of penalty. 25% damage reduction would be balanced because of how quiet they are in most games

So make them less quiet, that’d justify removing the damage reduction.

no they should be basically silent and have a 25% damage reduction. just like in rust. silencers are balanced in that game. they are also extremely viable because of how quiet they are. if you’re trash at the game and cant hit headshots, then the silencer is not for you.

I’d personally rather have a non-silent suppressor with decent damage than a silent suppressor with horrendous damage.

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You keep saying the same thing.
25% damage reduction, silent, I play Rust, cant hit headshots.

There is no substance in your arguments. People are giving their opinions but you keep pushing your own without expanding on your initial suggestion or replying a valid counter-argument.

Just say upfront you want an echo chamber if this is your approach to posting a suggestion. This forum has memetic tendencies to do just that.


I’m inclined to say that this feels a nudge underpowered. It looks mostly balanced around PvP mechanics, but unfortunately it seems a bit dubious as to if it’d enhance stealth gameplay and PvE.

EDIT: Specifically, I’m worried that players would be better off always foregoing suppressors for PvE-related activities.


What I don’t understand is why anyone would ever use a weapon with a 25% damage reduction.

Here, something to explain how debilitating that is.

If a sniper rifle does 100 damage upon a headshot, thus instantly killing an unarmored player on a headshot, a suppressor means that same headshot only does 75 damage. Nobody would ever use this gun.

Suppose a weapon does 34 damage on a normal hit, barely a three shot kill. That same gun with a suppressor now does 25.5 damage, meaning it’s now a four-shot kill.

Now suppose a weapon does 25 damage, the bare minimum for a four shot kill. That gun with a suppressor now does a pitiful 18.75 damage, which is an absolutely horrendous six shot kill.

With that in mind, consider that even the current iteration of Unturned is balanced in such a way that ammo has to be found as opposed to crafted like Rust. Likely craftable ammunition will also become a thing in Unturned II, but that’s not what I’m concerned about. What I’m concerned about is how a suppresssor balanced like the one in Rust is going to cripple guns, especially low-tier weapons like pistols. Nobody is going to put a suppressor on their weapon if it means their four shots to kill is now going to be a six shots to kill, which almost completely invalidates the viability of a playstyle focused on being stealthy.

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The suppressor already serves as a situational attachment where gaining less attention is its strong focus.

I very much agree with the others that such a damage penalty not only does it make weapons worse, but the attachment itself will potentially become as underused as 3.0’s suppressors, more or less.

Without the damage penalty it would have some PvP value like hiding details of a victim’s killer or just reduce the noise range to be heard (Even faint, but fear factor is still present). Otherwise it would stay as a great attachment against NPCs to prevent mass attention