Guys I have a really old version


But it’s not working. I have Unturned 2 beta 160 and 2 beta 206. First says “Awaiting game state” and does nothing. Second one requests login and password and waits for very long. Please help!


Upload screenshots



First from 160, second from 206
And yes, first has that old track Yarrr found


I can provide download links too, if you want


So, no answer?


Aight, so for 106, no idea. For 206, however, I think it doesn’t let you log in because the login server is nonexistent.

In the current 2.0, Nelson has disabled authentication, so it just lets you in regardless. This beta does not have that feature, so it’s still trying to reach that old server.


But can we do something to disable that check? Like Nelson did it with 1.1


Not sure. Why do you want to play that beta anyways? It’s really old now.


Because they are old, ofc. I’m curious to see what changes were done to features and the map itself


Oh, okay. For the login check, try disabling your network adapter and try again.


It says “Sorry, no Internet”. Older one the same.


my man you found some treasure

Give it to me


Here is 160
and here is 206


Thanks matey, I have finally extracted the soundtrack in pure form

Not sure about launching the game, it’s probably a server issue that doesn’t exist


IDK, maybe I should connect The Great Nelson with that


Oh, if you found the song in the assets, maybe you could search for an IP string? Please


I tried changing PlayerConnectionConfigFile but nothing happened


I got the asset tool to view assets and noticed, that in pretty much every .asset file there is UserAuthorisationDialog asset. If i just delete it, loading screen turns pink.(160)


That’s because the files you are deleting are probably the UI files, not the code. xD