Guys, this is a problem

Okay. So these exist.

I found the 2nd one through a deleted game called “uncrowded”

“Uncrowded”, “My Unturned Survival”, and “PLAYERUNKN4WN: Zombie” are all the same game

The 2nd pic is from “My Unturned Survival”
These are all copies of Unturned. These are all making money.
Nelson, please try to stop this.

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I believe it isn’t a problem, just look at the latest reviews.

Yes but they are still making money from ads

Well I mean, let them I guess it isn’t affecting us. There is always going to be those who copy off Free-to-Play Steam games. If it’s really that big of a deal, Nelson would do something about it.


Nelson doesn’t own the zombie survival genre or those player-models. It may have the same premise, but if its not using the same models as Unturned, there’s really nothing he can do about it.

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yes but the first one uses the name and icon

I wouldn’t think Nelson copyrighted the word “unturned”, and that logo only resembles the real one.

They never stop lol

They’ll barely make any money anyway. Good thing fees exist for buying the asset pack and uploading to App store

Like previously established, nelson doesn’t own the genre. Also, fair use exists. Games take inspiration from other games. There’s a fine line between some orange umbrella shit (shoutout to the people who remember outlive), and a game that vaguely resembles unturned.


Outlive lmao. Oh lordy.

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