Happy New Year! | Forum Update

Happy New Year, happy Lunar New Year as well! Good health to everyone.

Many of these changes were actually made available to users last December. You may already be familiar with several of these changes.

Pause Notifications

Pause notifications, or set a custom notifications schedule! While paused, you won’t see any desktop, push, or email notifications until after you unpause. Notification bubbles are also hidden from your user avatar in the top-right of the header.

Configure your notifications schedule from the dropdown menu available from your avatar, or head over to your Notifications preferences.


#hashtags for categories and tags can now autocomplete, and look different depending on what type of hashtag it is.

Here’s a couple examples! Announcements news Unturned unturned Modding Support.

Suggestions for Modding Features

Modding & Plugins category banner.

Modding Discussion has been a bit of a weird spot where it functions more like a showcase for projects, rather than the intended broader discussion of anything (and everything – including showcases) modding-related.

The descriptions for the various Modding categories have been updated. Similar to the U3 Discussion category, you can also post suggestions (suggestion) for new modding features/support from this category.


Several new badges were added at the tail-end of last year (and several more were tweaked as well).

  1. The three custom badges that used to be awarded for having posts marked as a solution (and would periodically break) have been replaced the new badges that are now packaged with the Solution feature itself: Solved!, Guidance Counsellor, and Know-it-All.

  2. Renamed the badges awarded for creating accepted curated content (Skin Creator, Cosmetic Creator, Map Creator, Mythic Creator), and updated their descriptions with more accurate information.

  3. The Anniversary, Halloween, and Festive badges have been moved into a new “Seasonal” badge category, to avoid cluttering the “Event” category.

Account Anonymization

Every now and again, we’ve had users ask us to anonymize their Forum account. We’ve always granted requests for account anonymization, but we haven’t provided an easy way to learn about this process until now. For more information, see: Account Anonymization.

† Account anonymization is the process by which we scrub your profile of personal information and assign a randomly-generated username. It’s preferable to outright deleting accounts, as it minimizes disruptions to discussion topics.

SDG Support (Help Center)

We recently launched a new support site for players! The SDG Support website is a help center. You can read helpful articles, file support tickets, and find links to our other communities from here!

We’re also including patch notes for the preview branch on the support site. If you’re ever on the forum and want to quickly head onto the help center, click the button we’ve added to the site header!

Do you have any feedback about the site? If so, please tell us by making a topic in Miscellaneous Sites with the sdg-support tag!


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  • Updated the site description and short site description.
  • #hashtags for categories and tags can now autocomplete, and look different depending on what type of hashtag it is.
  • Onebox support for Youtube Shorts.
  • Visual preloader while site loads (only for really slow connections).
  • Push notifications are now a core feature.
  • Temporarily pause notifications, or set a custom notifications schedule.
  • Separate notification indicators for new PMs vs. reviewables.
  • Renamed the “Miscellaneous” sub-category to “Miscellaneous Sites”, to better clarify its purpose when seen without the context of its parent category.
  • Updated the descriptions for the various Modding categories.
  • Added the sdg-support tag to Miscellaneous Sites.
  • Added the suggestion tag to Modding Discussion.
  • Added a link to the SDG Support help center to the site header.
  • Composer provides better warnings when mass mentioning or mentioning an inactive user.
  • Future “The Year in Review” recaps should now automatically include a section for acknowledging users who earned the Smartly Dressed Topic badge that year.
  • Updated some group names and their descriptions.
  • Updated core software; updated all third-party themes, theme components, and plugins; and various security fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where certain theme components would periodically fail to load.


  • Added the Festive 2022 holiday badge. :snowman_with_snow:
  • Added the MapJam Summer 2022 badge. Sorry that this wasn’t a thing earlier, @AnimaticFreak. :^(
  • Anniversary, Halloween, and Festive badges have been moved into a new “Seasonal” badge category, to avoid cluttering the other categories. :calendar:
  • Replaced the original three badges that could be obtained for Solutions with three new versions that are now packaged with the Solution feature itself (with slight tweaks): Solved!, Guidance Counsellor, and Know-it-All. :white_check_mark:
  • Categorized all uncategorized badges.
  • Updated the icons for the majority of badges.
  • Fixed an issue several badges ignoring valid a day (e.g., due to a leap year). You may have received some older seasonal badges that you should’ve qualified for but hadn’t received yet.

vincent2-main Theme

A minor update to the vincent2-main theme that fixes various bugs, prettifies a couple things, and improves third-party component/plugin support. (Most of the screenshots on this post were taken while using this theme!)

  • Fix sticky avatars blocking link to profile from post username.
  • Unanswered Filter dropdown shouldn’t always have margin.
  • Fix autocomplete usernames/avatars being off-center.
  • Add margin to avatars linked on post replies.
  • Support for the Versatile Banners theme component.
  • Changed the avatar_shape setting to reference a Sass map.
  • Removed border from .badge-contents.
  • Placeholder avatars on loading user cards should be the same shape as the configured avatar_shape setting.
  • Custom styling for “See # new or updated topics” notice.
  • Custom color for solutions from the Discourse Solved plugin.

Other Sites

Somewhat-notable news regarding other sites.

  • [SDG Support] This exists now!
  • [SDG Blog] Fixed an issue where flex boxes weren’t wrapping.
  • [SDG Wiki] Fixed an issue with U4 modding pages having missing reference images.
  • [GitHub: 3.x Community] Modding feature requests shouldn’t be posted as “Issues” here anymore. For more information: README.

I’ll forgive you in 5 months and 13 days time. ;D

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