Having a problem with decals that previously worked

I’m back again with more help needed. I’ve tried re-bundling, re-importing the image, but I keep on getting this error:

[2024-06-18 04:57:46] (Object) Leafdown_Decal_Company [10050]: missing 'Decal' Texture2D. It will show as pure white without one.

This only started happening after I created a masterbundle so I could include custom clothing, my unity setup for the decal looks like this:
(working title, don’t judge!)

I don’t know what other info to include so I’ll end this post here and wait for help!

Forgot the .dat file:

GUID 4e8999b74a954e57b0319e73ba622e1d
Type Decal
ID 10050
Decal_X 2
Decal_Y 1
Decal_LOD_Bias 1
Asset_Bundle_Version 2

if you have a masterbundle then you don’t need to specify the assetbundle version, this should be done via the masterbundle.dat file.

You also don’t need ID anymore, that’s not breaking anything in this case, but you don’t need them.

Check your masterbundle.manifest file and see what the file path displayed in there is and double check that it matches the directory in your bundles file hierarchy.

Sorry for the somewhat late reply, but I think I see what’s wrong, I don’t have a Decal.png image inside of the decal folder, but unity should’ve already dealt with that, right?

- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Pants/Biohazard_Leafdown_Pants/Material.mat
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Shirts/Biohazard_Leafdown_Top/Material.mat
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Pants/Biohazard_Leafdown_Pants/Pants.png
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Shirts/Biohazard_Leafdown_Top/Animations.prefab
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Objects/Medium/Furniture/Leafdown_Decal_Company/Decal.png
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Shirts/Biohazard_Leafdown_Top/Item.prefab
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Pants/Biohazard_Leafdown_Pants/Item.prefab
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Pants/Biohazard_Leafdown_Pants/Animations.prefab
- Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle/Leafdown/Items/Shirts/Biohazard_Leafdown_Top/Shirt.png

I also don’t have an image inside the folder for the biohazard suit re-skin, and it works fine!

good that it’s being bundled. could you give the filepath for your decal in your bundles folder?

I have the decal located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Maps\Leafdown\Bundles\Objects\Medium\Furniture\Leafdown_Decal_Company

With the contents:


if you have a masterbundle you don’t need a unity3d, try removing that. What are your MasterBundle.dat settings?

They’re set to

Asset_Bundle_Name leafdown.masterbundle

Asset_Prefix Assets/Leafdown_MasterBundle

Welp, I’m unsure what’s causing this. Do any of the assets from your masterbundle work?

Yeah, the bio top works, and removing the unity3d still dosent fix it


I see why most curated maps use models as decals now

the models for decals is more of an optimisation thing since decals are an expensive effect.

double-checking my own decal settings in unity which do work.
edit: nvm actually settings don’t really effect things.

Ah, I didn’t know decals were hard(er) to render, it makes sense though

iirc the main reason is that a lot of the tricks GPUs use to render 10 billion tris every second cannot be applied to decals, and thus they require their own dedicated stage for rendering.
edit: nvm this may be complete miss-info. idk if unturned even uses unity’s built in decal projector, i’m assuming it does but unturned is old enough that it may be proprietary or a 3rd party plugin.

Yeah, and I mean having an entire stage of rendering wasted on
1-5 decals at max (at least on official maps, haven’t checked)

Yeah, even the unity version I use has a gimbal that looks like it’s OLD
but anyways, off topic

Wait, what unity version are you using?

2020.3.0f1 According to the top of the window

Oh then it should be fine. iirc Unturned uses 2021.3 now but I don’t think there’ll be any problems with the version you’re using.

Didn’t hear about it, thought 2020.4.x.x was the highest before it became over-dated? is that even a word?

Installing the Unity Editor is required for exporting custom content into the game. Most 2021.3 LTS version should be compatible; Unturned currently uses 2021.3.29f1.
U3 Docs

I’m pretty sure most bundles on outdated unity versions will still work as long as they have the right asset bundle version set and don’t do any weird shader stuff since the game’s modding tools were designed with backwards compatibility in mind.

Sorry that I couldn’t help you get to a solution. Hopefully it’s just something silly and it’ll become apparent with fresh eyes. If I’m forgetting anything obvious, Molton or someone else will probably step in and correct me.

Alrighty, well after this I’ll be upgrading unity, and now I know not to make any overly complicated water shaders or whatever I would make