Having the ability to hide your name when hovered over would be a great feature

What this is:

So in 3.0 you were able to get close to a player and hover over them via crosshairs, you could see there name (among other things like reputation, skillset, etc). I think 4.0 could do better with a different form of this mechanic.

How would it work in 4.0?

The main idea here is to get someones name without being able to just hover over them. My thought includes removing the ability to hover over a play and figure out there name entirely, or wearing a specific clothing, we can also maybe implement foods or consumables that hide your nickname for a certain amount of time (Like how the fallout games give you stat boosts when you consume certain items). However while all this is happening, upon death you will still see who killed you in the death menu.

Why i think we could use this feature in 4.0:

Stealth is really, really big reason on why 4.0 would be better with this.
In 3.0, when you wear a ghille suit, people can still hover over your name, and you could be found fast, It’s only at close range but still.
Same thing goes with disguising as a zombie, you’ll be figured out instantly if someone gets close to you.
Or maybe you just don’t want people knowing your name for whatever reason, this has really good RP applications as well.

That’s my post, in comparison it’s small to a lot of other posts on here, but this feature isn’t a big game changer, just a neat QOL mechanic.


The name should remain as “???” until the player uses an option to “introduce themselves” and show a username.


I agree with this, usernames should be ??? With certain clothing


Yeah this would be really cool, i have nothing against it.

Makes sense if they’re wearing a mask or something I suppose?


food that lets you go incognito


I don’t wan that on so many levels

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Yeah, I was quoting the original post, I dont want that either


I object to this method of hidden names.

Its already hard enough to be friendly towards other completely random people as it is. Forcing me to get closer to see who you are and if you’re a potential crackhead PvP-only kiddo is already terrible. And with peoples refusal to accept something like The Better Together Update idea, this kind of content will only smash being friendly further into the ground.

A somewhat revised idea, could be that using Binoculars on people who dont have clothes that hide you would show their name. That way; Binoculars are useful, bandits will hide their identity and you will know from far away, cool guys wont have anything to hide, and makes balaclavas and what not more useful.

And to make it easier for noobs who dont know what they’re doing, Unturned could feature a tip system whereby when they put on such clothing, it gives them a tip explaining that other players will no longer be able to see your name. I mean, tips would be great for tons of things. I honestly hate games that save their tips for loading screens like UT3, TF2, so on.

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If you have a binoculars and they arent wearing masks you can look yourself and judging from their appearance, realise if you have seen them before. I dont know how a name could help you

This is extremely absurd, you want players to hide or reveal their identity but praise “who killed you” feature which we should never really know, unless your killer came face to face.

I don’t know how food is supposed to hide your identity… is this an idea taken from the TSA? I bet all visitors to the USA or Japan’s recent G20 would be very interested to know how but I don’t see any similarities to real life… what are you smoking? I want some too.


This would make it considerably harder to figure out the names of toxic people and even more importantly, hackers. Don’t know about that one. :battleye:


When you’re dead, there name pops up, would a hacker really let you get so close to them?

Killing someone would show you “oh yeah ____ has killed you”
So if some intent is to hide ones name, they might not kill.

Even if being killed doesn’t tell the player who killed them, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be appearing in the server logs, which is going to be more useful for letting servers deal with hackers than going off what a player says (unless you’re being shown footage).

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The whole point of the feature is that it does show who the player killed, and yeah most actions like that should appear in server logs/console.

So regading this thread, it seems that people don’t want this feature added, and some of them provide pretty good reasons, that i can barely argue against
This could probably work in very specific scenarios where it’s automatically disabled by itself but could be enabled (like config-ing a server or singleplayer world)

I don’t hate this feature or anything of that, I just think a better solution was found by the end of this recent thread.

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TL;DR if I can no see name at a gimplse and judge you based of that rather than behaviour/gear is bad
No, just no.

I hate that system, it removes all stealth, it shouldn’t say who killed you.