Heal specific body part

It just says things like (cut, body part) each injury has a specific way to heal it

The only game I can relate this to would be Fallout: New Vegas, having a similar system of general healing or specific healing would be cool. If there was even a server setting that enabled basic or advanced healing. Basic would just be medkit and done, where advanced would be bandaging limbs, injecting morphine to remove pain effects, and setting splints or casts for broken limbs, much like the Arms 3 ACE medical system

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its simular to escape from tarkov, and i like that healingsystem

Escape from Unturned II

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eks dee graet mem e

lol i ment that the healing system in EFT was good not that unturned ll should be full copy of EFT xD, or was it just a joke i cant tell XXD

If this is to be implemented what would warrant the player’s death in a balanced manner?

Assuming only body parts essential for the sustenance of life are the exceptions to what would result in a player’s death: I’m certain nobody wants to have to shoot an enemy’s arm an infinite amount of times without them winding up dead, something which I don’t think the community would like; extrapolate here?

On the topic of ‘shooting an enemy’s arm an infinite amount of times’, the addition of this feature would also call for medical items which would be mandatory for the treatment of certain wounds.
Here are some:

  1. Tourniquets
    A tourniquet is a device used to cut off blood circulation in a limb, in case somebody’s limb is bleeding severely to prevent death from critical bleeding.
    Tourniquets aren’t popular with civilian usage due to the possibility of necrosis in the affected limb. However, in tactical applications they are commonly used as proper aid can take a very long time to arrive and wounds are severe.

  2. Chest Seal
    A dressing applied to wounds which have pierced the victim’s lung.
    The chest seal prevents air from coming in the chest cavity and collapsing the lung, while allowing air to come out.
    Because bullets tend to have an exit wound: you may need two.

  3. Hemostatic agents
    Hemostats are agents used to stem bleeding on a molecular level, made for wounds too severe for a pressure bandage, but cannot be treated with a tourniquet due to their location.
    Hemostats are difficult to remove from wounds, complicating later treatments, while being slower to apply than a tourniquet.
    Hemostats come in different forms, such as: gauze, pure powder, syringe injectors, and sponges. These all work just as well as the others.

  4. Pressure bandages
    Pressure bandages are specialized bandages used to apply pressure to a wound, stemming bleeding by collapsing veins.
    Normally used in serious bleeding cases which do not warrant a tourniquet or hemostatic agent.

  5. Chest decompression needles
    Sometimes a chest wound will allow air to go inside the chest cavity when inhaling, while not allowing air to come out when exhaling. This causes air to build up in the chest cavity, deflating and collapsing the lung, this severe condition requires immediate attention.
    To relieve this condition a needle has to be punched through the patient’s chest allowing the pressurized air to be relieved.
    If the user doesn’t have the experience required to use it: results may be fatal.

  6. Gloves
    Gloves prevent your patient from getting infected by your hands while also protecting you from and blood-borne diseases they may have.

  7. Nasal and oral airways
    An airway is a tube inserted nasally/orally into the patient’s airways, forcing them to stay open. If the patient goes unconscious, there’s a high chance their airways close shut and they asphyxiate.

  8. Disinfectants
    This one is obvious.

Of course there are more, but I felt I just needed to get some of the more major ones down.
Despite the fact there’s more to say: I won’t say any more.

I’d say tourniquets make sense as a simple way to stop bleeding, which can be crafted from common cloth, but would lack the ability to aid in healing or prevent infection that a proper bandage crafted from sanitized cloth would have.
I’d be fine with specialized medical supplies for chest wounds, but I’m not sure so many are needed, especially since Nelson has said this:
Realism for the sake of realism is bad. For example organ-specific damage: nobody is intentionally aiming for your lungs, so it comes down to random bad luck that you suddenly can’t breath.
Gloves have been confirmed as a clothing slot in 4.X, and the ability for clothing to impact stats has been confirmed as well, so gloves that remove the risk of infection from treating an injury could be implemented, but I’m not sure I’d want a mechanic where you could get infected because someone else was healing you.


Not sure if it should go to such deep detail, but some of the items you mentioned here seem plausible.

It’s not as much ‘realism for the sake of realism’ as much as it is realism for the sake of greater difficulty in survival. In real life nobody is aiming for your lungs either, Nelson. It may be bad luck but hey, that’s just the way it is (if you aren’t willing to view it from any other standpoint).

Although aiming for certain organs is important to people like hunters because of the amount of time they get to make a shot and as not to damage the product, the same goes for humans. Humans can also die faster due to the location in which they’re shot making it easier for an enemy to kill an opponent if they know where to shoot. In the end: luck isn’t absolute.

It’s not like everybody in the world knows exactly where they will get shot and what they need to patch it up, like Nelson’s example implies.
But if he feels that way then hey, it’s his game and that’s just the way it is. [2]

And although the obvious nature: while healing yourself you also get your hands in/on your own wounds. So rather not a mechanic where you get ‘infected because someone else was healing you’ but rather a mechanic where anybody who operates on a wound without the proper equipment results in a lesser quality treatment.

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