How much time do you spend on making a post/topic

Small topic yes, how much time do you spend on making a topic or post
All from the small ones to thous huge mega ones

A small one usually takes a day or so, I generally wait on topics to make sure I have thought of everything.

Larger posts can take anywhere from 2 days to a week, just to work out the kinks and balance of the post.

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I usually gather thoughts up for entire days, then I spend tons of hours translating and shaping it here. It takes even longer if I have to do some small research, and I also take most of the time polishing everything so it’s understandable.

Even so, none of my posts are “perfect” and many of them needs rework.

not tracking time is what I do

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30 minutes to 3 hours.

Anywhere between ten minutes to seven days.

The biggest post I made on drugs took 30 minutes. I cannot not comprehend how people take more than 2 hours. Is it rewriting what you said?

It took me about a dozen hours spread out across 2-3 months to make the Skill System Overhaul post, but then again, I like to consider myself an exception to the standards around here! :smirk:

The Sectionalized Clothing concept took me only about 4 hours spread across a week, but got more recognition simply because it was an easier read.

Then there was the time I got so burnt out from making the former that I needed Nelson to comfort me.


30 mins to 2 days.

Most of them are either saved for later or just abandoned half-away


My magnum opus (A 4.0 Ammo and Ballistics Concept) took around two and a half days of writing (mainly due to inconsistent free time), and I put in edits during class the next day.

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Not much and they aren’t that well recieved

approximately 1 minute. Unless it’s shit post then I can spend upwards of an hour working on it.


I quickly and compulsively make a topic because of memory loss - don’t want to loose a good topic.

Then I try to revise and edit it better and better as people barge in and tell me how garbage it is because of x y and z reasons.

sometimes I scrap them mid-way because I don’t have good enough vocabulary and english skills to put my thoughts into a meaningful, understanding, persuasive post.

i dont really make too many posts, so idk