How Zombies Could Possibly Survive

If zombies would exist in Unturned, they would have to find many ways to survive other than eating you, if zombies are an infection/parisite they would still have to eat drink Keep warm and keep every other part of them functional here are a few ways that zombies could do that

The Food Problem
Although zombies are meant to eat people, as we can see in most zombie apocalypse games that food source is long gone. A food source that most people think of is animals and while that is a good food source zombies would have to be good hunters and flankers how would zombies do this? Well if they can ambush a base with a horde they can most likely hunt animals another food source may also be crops, yup zombies could be diggin out your potatoes for food

Gonna need a drink to wash that down
Yup zombies are gonna need water, due to it being vital for survival even zombies are gonna get thirsty. There are a few ways for them to get water such as drinking from lakes or toilests
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) maybe there would be zombies scattered across lakes or water sources.

Zombie Sickness
Yup im talking about zombies getting sick, maybe the infection/parisite could defend against this kinda stuff which is unlikely, or maybe you would see zombies randomly dying or even clothe piles with random loot scattered across the map due to infection or zombie sickness

How Zombies Would Hunt
Zombies are pretty stupid but if there smart enough to horde the player, they can definitely hunt, your probably not there only food source. How are ways they could hunt ?
Outrunning the animals
Zombies can run pretty far which could tire the animals causing them to get eaten by zombies
They are also pretty quiet which could be a good way to flank the aninals maybe they could even surround the animals which is very unlikely

Yes even zombies follow physics they need lots of things to survive same as we do

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Most of these ideas are just… why? I like my zombies how I like any aggressive NPC: something to fight with. Is it entirely needed to have them drink water and eat? And that point you might as well just make normal human npcs that wander around.


dude, zombies going together in a horde does not make them smart. they just hear the noise from a zombie walking, and start following it. and that repeats until a horde has built up.

zombies dont need water. end of story. stop trying to make zombies realistic.

Stop… just stop.

once again, zombies going together in a horde does not make them smart. they just hear the noise from a zombie walking, and start following it. and that repeats until a horde has built up.

My rating.
Why are you trying to make unturned realistic? zombies arent even realistic in the first place. So, I give you.

1 realistic zombie that isnt actually a zombie out of 100 actual zombies.

(thats essentially a zero.)

I don’t get it whats wrong with realism

Zombies are dead, do not need food, water, or even air, cannot feel any pain, fear, compassion, or mercy, cannot be killed with chemicals, diseases, radiation; and follow prey due to sheer instinct. Understand now?


Realism for the sake of realism isn’t fun. If this were to be implemented players probably wouldn’t even be able to tell any of this was going on and could go for hours before seeing a zombie drinking something.


Personally I thought they might have been partly photosynthetic…

Untill russia came out…

If they’re smart enough to follow eachother’s sounds to find food, wouldn’t it be reasonable for them to follow the sounds of an animal to find food? As for ambushing, it’s not their intelligence, but their stupidity which would allow them to remain still until they sense something to attack.

Maybe zombies occasionally doing an animations of attempting to get a drink would be okay, but if they actually need to drink to survive, that would probably be overdoing it.

That could be an interesting way to have loot spawn, but could be difficult to balance depending on where they’re spawning in from. Maybe instead of just falling over dead, they should lay down and be lootable, but some might still get up if the player isn’t sneaky enough.

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hes wanting them to use hunting tactics.
also, following a sound does not require a ton of intelligence. hearing a sound, then heading in its general direction that is

Chasing prey until it tires would, I suppose, technically meet the definition of a hunting tactic, but no more than following the sound of eachother could be described as troop placement tactics.

in military terms, but blindly following is realistically not intelligent.

Persistence hunting doesn’t require high intelligence though.

hmmm but it cant be considered a tactic.

So the “tactics” you take offense from is sit-and-wait predation?

for humans, it can be considered a tactic. but are zombies technically human?

Technically, yes. This would have to be a pretty insane virus to directly alter the DNA of a human.

All viruses alter DNA

hmmm… well if the zombies are extremely mutated in 4.0…

hmm. Ill look that up harvest

A virus is a biological agent that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus at an extraordinary rate.