How zombies go spawn?

in unturned 3.0 the zombies just spawn! yes dont have any in here WOW!! A ZOMBIEE!!
i have a litlle idea to solve this

1.Zombies go spawn just in night
2.Zombies go spawn in dirt or grass
3.Zombies go spawn exiting of the flor with a animation.
4.Zombies does dont go spawn in light.

This is a zombie apocalypse game, not Minecraft. Zombies spawning just at night would defeat the purpose of the entire game.
Them spawning on the grass or dirt would force everyone into cities (for some reason all the infected people went to the wild?)
Third point of yours I don’t even get
Same goes for the fourth…what?


I think…I think he means by 3 is that zombies would crawl out of the ground instead of just appearing.
Number 4 I don’t understand at all.

1&4 zombies spawn in the dark/at night
2&3 zombies spawn with an animation of climbing out of the dirt/floor

Remember minecraft? Same thing with 4th idea. If there isn’t any light — zombies will spawn, but if you place a source of light — they aren’t going to spawn in this area.

In the 4. i dont view the “DONT” but a specie of programation to moviment zombies to the cities like a config of area maximum zombies but the fact of less zombies in cities

Improve your grammar, please. I know that it’s hard to learn English but try to do it.


zombies spawning/venturing to base locations during full moons would be cool

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I think that the current system is okay. But, I do the think that zombies should respawn where the player is not, but they can spawn anywhere in an area, not just on certain spawn points.


Preferably making these spawn away from the player and into concealed or not-too-obvious areas, like inside buildings and very closed alleys (so they walk out to streets, in cities ofc), so the infected apparition may be more unexpected, making the alert feeling more inmersive.

Thats what I said…

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Just developing further :b

Mkay :thinking:

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I feel like Zero’s English gets progressively worse as he goes…


in 4.x the brighter you base is…the higher the chance is for zombie to wander to your base

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Maybe this’ll happen during blood moons and such events where they crawl out of the grave yards and such. Maybe on tunnels and mines as well.

Also maybe add this corpse props that spawn along with zombies that can be looted but can also be just dormant crawlers waiting for anyone to come near.

Zombies can spawn when there is too much noise or disturbance in an area, making it seems like they are flocking to where the source is.

I second this. I’ve died too many times when I’ve stopped to organize my inventory to pick up loot, only to have a zombie spawn where I’m standing and kill me.

sounds like the minidayz zombies, where some of them look like bodies till you get close. except you cant really loot zombies :confused:

Well except here, you can. Haven’t really played it yet.

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Just get Minecraft if you want zombies that way /s