Human Character Revision Feedback

Today I started experimenting with a few different possible designs for the new character model:

Any thoughts? What improvements and adjustments would you like to see? Personally I’m starting to like Revision #4 which has shoulders, slight muscles similar to #3 and significantly thinner limbs which was a big complaint of the Unturned 3 mesh. I experimented with simple feet and hands as well but didn’t like them and don’t want to go that direction. The more feminine model has a smaller waist and limbs.

Edit: Here’s a closer view of the feminine mesh:



Rev #1.5



I like this one most.

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I think I am a fan of both #3 and #4, they both look really nice, but yet again, Danaby’s was the absolute winner.


I feel like a lot of Minecraft comparisons come from the characters proportions and if you want to ditch that tagline I’d recommend maybe going with a Ravenfield styled model or something without a square head.


Completely agree. Danaby’s was the best Rev 3 and 4 look the cleanest of the bunch while still maintaining the style of the game.


I think I like Rev #4 the best. Maybe make the head less…erm…disproportionately big as well.

also #1 is a quality meme and should be an enemy model


(Roblox Heads flash by)

Normie s :b:otted, destroying normie.

Great, now Nelson’s going to make a random NPC easter egg with that model


i actually like the new character models.
maybe make them optional for character customization and make zombies use them too for random body models as well.
if u read this, tnx

except #1

it’s too memey

that female one is hawt

Jokes aside I really like the direction these are going. I never really enjoyed how your hands were the exact same size as your legs in 3.0.

Rev #3 and Rev 4# definitely look nice, though.

I’m curious what the Rev #1 was supposed to be. Just a test, or a model for some type of enemy?

I like rev 4

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say for rev 1 Nelson was trying to make it look very different from the original models and ended up with that beauty monstrosity.

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The #3 looks better, but in my opinion #2 with a bit less muscle (adjustable?) would fit much better. A more feminine model could definetly be used if Unturned will support gender selection. Making the current character model shorter than the 3.0 is a definete plus. The current 3.0 model looks like a 2 meter tall block-monster that figured out how to make grilled cheese sandwiches, and going away from that style would be a great improvement to Unturned.

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Capture I knew it.


Rev 3 & 4 look a lot better than the current model. Could 4.0 get meshed clothing for both Masculine and Feminine models so that there’s no need for double the amount of clothing models? Could also put some minor effects to the clothing like Tarkov has.

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Rev #4 stands out as the best for me.
Balanced shape and is simple, and the transition of size from the shoulder to the wrists.

Rev #3 looks “complex”.
I don’t like the flow from the shoulders to the wrists, and from upper body to lower body.

Rev #2 has broad arms that don’t look too good and has a thigh gap.
But daaamn Rev #1 has a bigger thigh gap. :eggplant: :sweat_drops: