Iceland Map Dev


Hello everyone, I’m Tiway, and i am a map maker (you can check my steam profile) and I made this post to report the developpement of the map I am making in collaboration with Rolling_Chair, and this map is based on the Iceland country (that is why the map is named iceland).
This map is a large one.
This is the sattelite view of the map at the moment, things may change in the future :

(Height and materials will change)

There is still a lot to do, but main locations are already there.
There will be custom objects, items (clothes and weapons), npcs and questlines.

If you have suggestions or feedbacks, you can tell us below.
P.S. Sorry I can only upload 1 image at the moment, but i will post more in the future.
Thanks for reading :smiley:


Oh my, it seems to be surprisingly accurate


Ah yes I wil love the icelanndic map. It looks naet. Kep up the good work ^.^


He :fr: don’t rosto


I like how the sand transitions into more black volcanic sand, that’s really cool


I feel like this should be an offical map.


That is most likely due to the baseline terrain of the map having been generated via heightmap from the IRL geography of Iceland.

It’s a common practice for people who don’t feel like having terrain entirely done from scratch.


Making the map look like iceland with only the heigh tool seemed imposssible for me, that’s why i did that


I actually hope that Nelson will see your post Tiway, I think you deserve encourragement for your involvement about this game.
I played on many maps you created and I have to say this one seems to be the most advanced one in the details you put in, or even the time you devote for its development.
Keep on, Tiway !


thanks :sunny:


I’ma have to look into how to do that for the next map I make.


it’s fairly limiting on what you can do with the map, so I’d recommend being very sure of where you want your map to be



I wouldn’t recommend it.

It’s the terrain equivalent of compound objects or PEI materials - maps almost always have better potential when you make the terrain from scratch. In addition due to how small Unturned maps are, using a heightmaps will make the tiny scale of the map incredibly more noticeable.

Not to say using heightmaps makes your map automatically bad, but try avoiding it where possible.


It’s a bit hit-or-miss imo. Using a pre-made heightmap isn’t all that bad, but you have to put in a good deal of effort afterwards to smooth the terrain out and such. In the long run, it won’t speed the process up a ton, even though it helps.

What I did for one of my maps was I created my own heightmap based on a real-life location, so I could exaggerate features that would’ve otherwise been lost, and help make it look more Unturned-y than real-life.

Looking at the GPS view provided, I’m unsure how much OP has tidied up the coast and mountains. It looks like the coast is quite steep. OP should stretch the coast out quite a bit more, and allow for a more gradual decline.


you need a larger iceberg laddie
to crash into Iceland and make season 7 unturned

other than that the map is really accurate to Iceland and i’m very much excited for it


How close is the map to completion?


More like niceland amirite


are considering going for curated?

this could be a cool curated map


more like noland